Is ESG the best option for you?

New publication shows over 50% excess weight loss after 6 months

At Healthier Weight we are the first UK clinic to offer the traditional surgical sleeve and a new non-surgical alternative, the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG).

The ESG is an exciting development in obesity treatment that offers people a safe and effective alternative to the established weight loss options. Its main attraction is that it is non-surgical so people benefit from a lower risk profile and faster recovery time.

The technique we use for ESG has developed was developed by Mr Jamie Kelly, Bariatric Surgeon, at our centre of excellence in Southampton. Mr Kelly is a world leader in ESG and sits on the manufacturer’s European Advisory Board. Mr Kelly has developed an ESG technique known as Longitudinal Compression. With this technique ESG patients benefit from more sutures than with the traditional technique. Mr Kelly’s approach is now shown deliver better weight loss outcomes and with very low complication rates.

The non-surgical sleeve (ESG)

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a new procedure for those who want the benefits of weight loss surgery but from a less invasive, non-surgical procedure. It involves suturing the stomach from the inside to significantly reduce its capacity by up to 80%. After the procedure, the stomach remains intact but has been sutured from top to bottom to leave a smaller banana shaped stomach through which the food you eat passes.

Before and after of patient after having ESG procedure

Weight loss

The weight loss results with ESG are excellent. Initially we were seeing weight loss similar to that for gastric band at 50-60% excess weight loss after 2 years. The latest results are more encouraging. The Longitudinal Compression technique used is now delivering over 50% excess loss in the first 6 months. This is comparable to surgical sleeve and bypass.

We always stress to patients that we need to wait to see long term results, 5 years plus, to be satisfied with the long term benefits of the procedure but the fact we are seeing over 50% at 6 months and generally 60% at 2 years is very positive. It is too early to tell but we expect that the technique used will encourage enduring weight loss as well as good results for the short term.

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