What is the ESG?

The ESG is an exciting development in obesity treatment that offers eligible patients a safe and effective alternative to the surgical weight loss options. It offers many of the benefits of weight loss surgery but with lower risk. An ever-growing number of patients are transforming their health and quality of life by choosing an ESG.

About the operation

The ESG procedure is done using a device called an Overstitch. The Overstitch is a device that is placed into the stomach through the mouth and it enables us to suture (stitch) the stomach from the inside. Placing a number of stitches in the stomach we significantly reduce its capacity by up to 80%.
As the procedure requires about an hour to complete we do it under general anaesthetic. This is for your comfort. Unlike surgery however, we do not need to make any incisions to access the abdominal cavity. This reduces risk to you and makes for a faster recovery. Click here for a comparison of ESG and surgical sleeve.

After the operation

After the procedure, the stomach is fully intact but has been sutured from top to bottom to leave a smaller banana shaped stomach through which the food you eat passes.
The ESG works in two ways:
  1. Restriction – The capacity of the stomach is restricted so it holds less, and
  2. It slows gastric emptying. This means the food you eat stays in the stomach a little longer.
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