ESG vs Gastric Sleeve

The difference between the sleeves

The surgical sleeve is a long established and proven weight loss procedure. It is safe and effective and most patients can expect to lose about 70% of their excess weight over a 2 year period, with most of that weight loss maintained for the long term. 

It’s a powerful procedure and there are some risks associated with it that do not apply to the ESG. When considering the two procedures people need to balance the the ESG, with its lower risk profile, faster recovery but slightly lower weight loss with a procedure that compensates a little more risk with better weight loss. The chart below helps you make a comparison between the two.

Often a better alternative when considering ESG is the gastric band. The gastric band requires surgery but it there is no cutting of the stomach. You can read more about the gastric band here. It has a lower cost and a little less powerful than the ESG. It also requires more maintenance (due to band fills), but for those wanting safety first and a quick recovery it’s a great option too.

 ESGSurgical sleeve
Procedure typeEndoscopic (instruments placed through mouth)Laparoscopic (instruments placed through incisions in abdomen)
Visible scarringNone Typically 5 abdominal scars
Remaining stomach functionStomach left intact80%+ stomach removed
Expected recovery period2-3 days About 2 weeks
Future optionsRevision of ESG, surgical sleeve or gastric bypassRevision to gastric bypass or revision of gastric sleeve
Expected weight lossApprox. 50-60% excess weight at 2 years60-70% weight loss at 2 years *
Historical dataNew procedure (see below)More established procedure with long term results
Risk profileRelatively lower riskRelatively higher risk

About the surgical sleeve

The surgical sleeve is a great procedure that is now established across the world as a primary procedure in the treatment of obesity. At Healthier Weight we do many sleeves every month and those patients enjoy excellent results. See Hali’s story here

It tends to be the better procedure for people with a higher starting BMI (over 40) and certainly is for those who are already suffering with weight related health issues. 

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