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New Gastric Band Fill Clinic in Belfast

Stages of band adjustment

First/one off appointment - £150

Appointment bundles - from £389

Surgery provider not delivering on aftercare promise? Not achieving the weight loss you'd expected?

As the UK's leading weight loss specialists, we offer band adjustments to thousands of patients. Whether your aftercare package has expired or you are failing to achieve the weight loss you had expected or been promised, we can help. Most of those that come to us after having a gastric band with another provider tend to be for the same reasons... do any of these apply to you?

  • Your surgery provider has gone out of business, or your overseas band package does not include aftercare in the UK
  • You are struggling to actually book appointments for fills or adjustments, despite being promised many years of aftercare
  • You have become unhappy with the quality of care and competency of your provider
  • You are experiencing complications with your band and need specialist advice and support

Meet our Bariatric Nurse Sam Dickson

Sam Dickson

Mrs Dickson qualified as a nurse in 2001 gaining a diploma in Nursing studies and a BSc in Health Studies from Queens University, Belfast. For 6 years Sam worked for an established cosmetic surgery provider across Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland. She specialises in weight loss surgery, and is highly experienced in providing pre and post-operative care for patients undergoing weight loss surgery. 

Sam is available at our Belfast clinic to adjust your band and get you on the road to weight loss success. 

  • Gastric band adjustments
  • Emergency aspirations
  • Nutritional advice - eating with a gastric band

How to find our Belfast clinic

Aftercare Quote

Answers to a few common questions

What kind of gastric bands do you adjust?

Our Bariatric Nurse is highly experienced in adjusting various gastric band devices, although the most common bands that we see are the Allergan AP and Cousin Bioring devices.

What happens at a band adjustment?

After discussing your current restriction and weight loss results, the nurse will feel your abdomen to locate the port and assess its position. The adjustment itself takes only a few seconds with saline being added or removed from from the band to achieve the desired level of restriction. After each band adjustment, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room whilst you have a drink of water. This is to check that you can tolerate fluids and that the band is not too tight.

Will I need an X-Ray for you to determine what's in my band?

No. All we ask is that you identify to us the gastric band device that you have, and if possible the current volume of saline in your band. Most providers will have issued you with an adjustment record to log all previous adjustments. 

How much does it cost?

HW Patient
Patient from Other Provider
Gastric band review and adjustment (if needed)               
 £150 £150 
Gastric band adjustment under X-Ray  £299 £399 
3 appointment bundle (12 month expiry)   £389  £389
6 appointment bundle (18 month expiry)   £599  £599

What to do if you are experiencing problems with your gastric band...

Are you disappointed by your weight loss results?

There's usually an explanation why your band is not working, in most cases inadequate aftercare or poor adjustment. You may feel you want a different procedure, but in most cases our specialist teamcan work with you to correctly adjust your band and offer the nutritional advice and support you need to get you on the road to weight loss success. 

Are you vomiting or having difficulty eating solid foods?

These symptoms indicate that your band is too tight and can happen if your band is over-filled by an inexperienced practitioner. This can be dangerous, leading to problems such as pouch enlargement, band slippage and stomach perforation. Following an evaluation it is likely that your band will be aspirated (emptied) to allow your symptoms to resolve before we manage a series of fills to return restriction to a safe level 

Are you experiencing symptoms of Reflux / Hoarseness / Night cough / Frequent chest infections / Asthma?

If you didn't have these symptoms before having a gastric band, they are likely to be due to over-tightening of your band. Following an evaluation it is likely that your band will be aspirated (emptied) to allow your symptoms to resolve before we manage a series of fills to return restriction to a safe level 

Do you have pain over your port site?

This may indicate that the band access port has been poorly positioned in surgery, for example over the ribs or lower breast bone. As you lose weight, the port can protrude and cause chronic pain. If this is the case, it may be that you require a further procedure to reposition your port. 

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