Weight Loss Surgery


It’s the difference between another failed weight loss venture and reaching your target, between success and failure. Aftercare is just as important as the procedure itself. 

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Over 20 years experience in bariatric surgery
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Lifelong psychological and nutritional support
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Over 2700 Sleeve procedures completed

Clinical Expertise

Patients can feel reassured they are getting the best possible care from our highly experienced team – including referrals to Psychologist, Cardiologist and Respiratory consultants if required

Dedicated Support

Our range of nutritionists, Health Coaches and support team are here to help every step of the way                  

Weight Loss Tools

Videos and live classes on diet, fitness, retraining behaviours, body composition scales and activity tracker.  Shop the box here 

Meet our aftercare team

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included in your package

24/7 Chat with Nutritionist

Anytime, anywhere you can use our app to instant message a real nutritionist

Bariatric Nurse Review

With over 100 years experience between them our specialist nursing our nurses are here to help you

Dietitian & Health coaches

Private 1:1 appointments with our experienced dietitians and health coaches are available through our app.

Life-long support

You're a patient for life, we are on hand to support you whether your surgery was 5 months or 5 years ago

Private Bariatric Community

Join our private online community, connect with other patients sharing similar experiences

Surgeon Review

You will always be able to see your surgeon again should it be medically indicated.

Have you had Bariatric Surgery done with another provider?

If you’ve chosen to have your gastric sleeve or bypass surgery elsewhere, particularly in another country, you may be feeling concerned or anxious about whether you may have complications or unexpected symptoms when you come home. 

Health check

We’ve created our Bariatric Health Check service, to provide you with the same high-standard aftercare and reassurance

Our Patients lose 10% more weight after 2 years when using the Healthier Weight APP*

We are proud to be the only weight loss surgery provider in the UK to offer our very own app as part of your surgery package. The app is packed with features to make your weight loss journey easier, more fun and more interactive.

*Based on 243 patients 

Celebrating Success

The Better Health Awards is a heartfelt celebration of our patients’ inspiring weight loss journeys. This annual event not only honours individual successes in achieving healthier weights but also fosters a sense of community by connecting attendees who have shared similar weight loss experiences. 

Beyond the ceremony, the awards night becomes a platform for forming lasting relationships and mutual support among individuals who understand and inspire each other on the path to improved health through weight loss. 

*5 years aftercare on gastric sleeve and bypass procedures, with 2 years comprehensive aftercare for all other procedures. All patients are a patient for life – with support available once the aftercare package is completed.
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