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It’s the difference between another failed weight loss venture and reaching your target, between success and failure. Aftercare is just as important as the procedure itself. Here’s what we offer as standard, where many providers offer nothing at all.

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A weight loss company is only as good as its aftercare

Your success with any weight loss procedure is reliant on the quality of aftercare you receive. Whether it’s a gastric band, bypass or sleeve the importance of having someone there to go through the journey with you, advising you, is invaluable. That’s why we say that once you’re a patient with us you’re a patient for life and we’ll always be at the end of the phone, email or at clinic to support you through whatever hurdles you come across.

We treat every patient with the care and compassion they deserve and, as such, there are a number of features of our aftercare offering that are common across all procedures.

Already had your procedure?

  • Had your procedure abroad and now need aftercare? 
  • Did you have your procedure with another provider whose aftercare is poor?
  • Are you a Healthier Weight patient already but your aftercare has expired? 

Whatever your background, if you require aftercare for any reason we’re here to help. We offer the same service to our aftercare-only patients as we do to any of our other patients in order to maximise their weight loss. For more details and pricing of an ‘aftercare only’ plan, click below. 

Aftercare and warranty as standard across all procedures


Surgical warranty with option to extend

Each of the surgical procedures we offer comes with a warranty so you can have peace of mind that your investment is covered in the event of any complications.


Lifelong 1-2-1 support

We have an open-door policy for all our patients. You will have access to all our specialist advisers via phone and email for life.


Specialist clinic reviews

We offer free clinic reviews for a period after your procedure. These check-ups can be vital to changing habits and ensuring long-term success.


Long term follow up plan

All procedures have a specific follow-up schedule of calls and emails from our patient care team so you will never feel like you’re doing this on your own.


Individual surgeon access

You will always be able to see your surgeon again should it be medically indicated. They are busy people but will reply to emails and answer calls from their patients.


Emergency line for peace of mind

All patients have access to an emergency helpline for out of hours peace of mind. Note: reduced service due to COVID-19.

But that's not all there is...

It’s true that different procedures require different aftercare approaches. Being successful with a gastric band for instance requires more follow-up appointments in clinic than a gastric bypass would. But then a gastric bypass is a change in anatomy that may affect hormone levels so you might require more blood tests with a bypass than you would with a band.

We have an overview of each procedure’s aftercare and warranty below. Please take a look to see the complete set of features and benefits you would get and click through for even more information. We also offer upgrades to our packages for further peace of mind.

Gastric Band Aftercare and Warranty

What can I get as part of my gastric band package?



Gastric Sleeve Aftercare and Warranty

What can I get as part of my gastric sleeve package?



Gastric Bypass Aftercare and Warranty

What can I get as part of my gastric bypass package?



ESG Aftercare and Warranty

What can I get as part of my endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty package?



The procedure warranty explained

It’s important to understand there is a difference between the length of your warranty and the period in which you’re entitled to free follow up clinic reviews. This may cause some confusion (particularly with gastric band patients who rely on more follow up appointments than other procedures) so we want to be as transparent as possible: If you choose an extended 5 year warranty this does not entitle you to more clinic reviews after your initial 2 year period. Your warranty covers you for the complications listed below. Once you claim on the warranty within the specified period, it is then considered used and no further warranty is issued.

Gastric band complications covered by warranty

ComplicationMethod of diagnosisRevision treatment provided
Band slippageX-Ray/clinical historyBand repositioning, replacement or removal depending on nature of slippage
Band erosionX-Ray/EndoscopyBand removal
Band leakageX-Ray adjustment/clinical historyAccess port/Band replacement depending on location of leak
Inaccessible portX-RayAccess port repositioning
Access port infectionClinical examination/laboratory testsPort removal and subsequent replacement

Gastric sleeve, ESG and gastric bypass warranty policy

For a specified period from the date of your gastric surgery and where clinically required by your operating surgeon and Healthier Weight’s Medical Director, the following are covered by your warranty:

  • Any tests and scans related to your gastric surgery
  • Treatment for clinical complications related to your gastric surgery
  • One follow up consultation with your surgeon
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