Taking Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are vital for appetite regulation, fat storage and metabolic rate so are important for good health, weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

After gastric band surgery, portion sizes are smaller so there may be a reduced intake of vitamins and minerals. It is advised that gastric band patients take a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Multivitamin & Minerals 

This must include copper, folic acid (400-800µg), iron, selenium, thiamine, and zinc. We have looked at what is currently available and suitable preparations include:

Chewable/effervescent (suitable initially post-op or if you do not like taking tablets):

  • Centrum Fruity Chewables Multivitamin (twice daily but must change to a tablet form listed below from 4 weeks post-op)
  • Forceval effervescent (once daily)
  • Superdrug A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals Chewable Tablets (twice daily but must change to a tablet form listed below from 4 weeks post-op)

Tablets (suitable from 4 weeks post-op if you are tolerating a solid diet):

  • Aldi Activ-Max A-Z Multivitamin & Mineral Tablets (once daily)
  • Asda Wellbeing A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals (once daily)
  • Boots Vegan A-Z Wellness Formula (once daily)
  • Forceval (once daily)
  • Lloyd’s Pharmacy A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals (once daily)
  • Morrison’s A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals (once daily)
  • Sainsbury’s A-Z Multivitamins & Minerals (once daily)
  • Sanatogen A-Z Complete (once daily)
  • Superdrug A-Z Multivitamins + Minerals (once daily)
  • Tesco A-Z Multivitamins + Minerals (once daily)
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