Emergency gastric sleeve advice

If you are experiencing symptoms of  sickness, nausea or pain after your gastric sleeve you should call our team immediately.

Abdominal Pain

The main symptom requiring urgent attention after a gastric sleeve is severe pain. Abdominal pain after bypass has a number of potential causes, including gallstones, ulceration along the staple line, haemorrhage, leakage or internal hernia. It is impossible to know which of these (if any) is the cause until diagnostic tests are undertaken.

Caution: If you are experiencing severe abdominal pain, you must go without delay to your nearest Accident and Emergency Department for pain management and investigations. Call our Emergency Helpline immediately.

Retching, heartburn and difficulty eating and drinking

  • Stop eating and drinking immediately – take nothing by mouth for the next 12 hours 
  • If you feel thirsty, suck some ice-cubes 
  • Lie quietly 

If you have developed severe upper abdominal pain together with intolerance of liquids, you must go immediately to your nearest Accident and Emergency Department for pain management, re-hydration and investigations. Call the Emergency Helpline at 9am the next day

If you are concerned or in doubt about your symptoms call our helpline immediately.

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