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Reviewed By Bariatric Dietician Heather Fry BSC (Hons)

What is a portion control plate?

Healthier Weight Bariatric Plates aid in portion control, designed with divided sections for proteins, veggies, and carbs. They support balanced nutrition, fostering mindful eating habits by visually separating food. 

We are committed to promoting better health and well-being, and we understand that achieving a healthier weight is an essential part of that journey. Our specially designed Healthier Weight Bariatric Plates are a key component of our comprehensive approach to weight management. These plates are not just for those who have undergone bariatric surgery but for anyone who wants to make mindful eating a part of their daily routine. After these procedures, the stomach’s capacity is significantly reduced, and it’s crucial to maintain a controlled and balanced diet. Bariatric plates help patients manage portion sizes and ensure they receive the right nutrients.

However, bariatric plates are not limited to post-surgery patients. Anyone looking to practice portion control, maintain a healthier weight, or adopt a more mindful eating approach can benefit from these plates. They are a valuable tool for individuals who want to prevent overeating and foster healthier eating habits.

How Bariatric Plates Benefit Our Patients

Portion Control

One of the primary benefits of using Healthier Weight Bariatric Plates is portion control. Each plate is carefully designed with divided sections, allowing you to measure and control your food portions effectively. This is crucial for those who need to manage their caloric intake, essential for successful weight loss and maintenance.

Balanced Nutrition

Our bariatric plates guide you in creating well-balanced meals. They come with labelled sections for proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates, ensuring you get the right mix of nutrients in every meal. This balanced approach to eating promotes better digestion, increased energy, and overall improved health.

Mindful Eating

In addition to portion control and balanced nutrition, bariatric plates encourage mindful eating. By visually separating your food, these plates help you savour and appreciate each bite. This mindful approach to meals not only aids in digestion but also reduces the temptation to overeat, leading to better weight management.

Durable and Reusable

Our Healthier Weight Bariatric Plates are made from high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand regular use, making them easy to clean and reuse for your convenience.

Does the plate aid weight loss?

We looked at A study investigating the effectiveness of The Diet Plate in aiding weight loss among obese individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. The study provided half of the participants with The Diet Plate for 6 months and compared their weight loss with a control group that did not receive the products. The results showed that the group using The Diet Plate was nearly four times more likely to lose 5% of their body weight.

“Our bariatric plate is a great reminder of what to be aiming for at each mealtime. I especially like the helpful hints around the edge of the plate!”

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