Weight loss surgery in manchester

Private Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Manchester

If you struggle to lose and maintain weight through diet and exercise, private gastric sleeve surgery at one of our Manchester hospitals could be the long-term solution for you. 

is the gastric sleeve the best weight loss surgery for you?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a powerful weight loss procedure. It involves the surgeon removing 80% of the stomach through keyhole surgery. It helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite and limiting the amount of food you eat making you feel fuller quicker. In the first year of surgery most patients lose 60-70% excess weight loss

Procedure Overview

BMI Eligability


Procedure Duration

45 – 60 minutes

Excess Weight Loss

60 – 70%

Why Healthier Weight?

"my gastric sleeve helped me lose 6 stone, and defeat my demons

Alison had private gastric sleeve surgery with us in 2020. Since then she has hit her target healthy weight, kept it off and overcame her binge eating disorder.

Before & After Private Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Here’s exactly what you can expect from us if you have your private gastric sleeve surgery in Manchester with our leading experts.

Before Surgery

For each patient, the journey will be slightly different depending on what your surgeon requires before surgery. Everything is done to ensure that the surgery is as safe as possible for yourself. 

You will have a pre-op assessment to check you are fit enough to have the surgery. Bloods will be taken and in some cases X-rays and scans. This is all covered in the cost of your procedure so do not worry about additional costs if more tests are required.

2 weeks before surgery you will need to go on a calorie-controlled liver reduction diet. It is important that all patients follow this as the surgeon will need to move your liver out of the way to access the stomach, the smaller the liver the easier and safer this is.

Who will be involved?

Before the surgery and on the day of surgery the people looking after you will be 

  • Patient Care Co-Ordinator – During your consult stage
  • Patient Support Team – to help book you in for pre-op assessments and ensure your bloods etc, have been checked. They will also help with your liver reduction diet with advice on what to eat.
  • Anaesthetist – They will see you on the day of surgery to administer anaesthetic during the operation
  • Bariatric Surgeon – you will meet them during your consult and the day of surgery

After Surgery

After surgery, your surgeon will see you to make sure you are coming around okay after the anaesthetic and to confirm that it went well and to plan. 

Depending on the agreed hospital stay beforehand most patients are out on the same day or the following day. 

For the next month, you will follow a phased diet, as the gastric sleeve has reduced your stomach by 80% your body needs to slowly move onto solid foods. The diet will be 2 weeks of liquids, 2 weeks of puree then onto solids.

Our aftercare team will be dedicated to looking after you and supporting you. For the next 2 years, you will have to follow up calls with our patient support team. They will get weight updates and check how you’re getting on. with the gastric sleeve. We have bariatric nurses who will also be part of your aftercare team to check in with you and give you a review. 

You will receive a 1:1 appointment from our dietitians. They are experts in bariatrics so will be able to offer you advice and guidance on how to get your nutrients with the gastric sleeve.

Who will be involved?

After the surgery, the people looking after you will be 

  • The Patient Support Team – For follow-up calls 
  • Bariatric Nurse – for a virtual review and blood tests
  • Dietitian – 1:1 appointment to discuss how you can improve your diet post gastric sleeve surgery, and any other advice and guidance.
  • Bariatric Surgeon – when medically indicted your surgeon will have a follow-up with you to review the surgery.

private gastric sleeve surgeons in manchester

We only work with the best surgeons which is why we have the highest success rate and get the best results for you.

Get to gastric sleeve surgeon Mr brij madhok

Mr Brij Madhok is one of our Manchester gastric sleeve surgeons. He has worked in the field of bariatrics for years and operates out of The Pines hospital in Manchester.

gastric sleeve surgeon

Get to gastric sleeve surgeon Mr Javed Sultan

Mr Javed Sultan operated out of the Ramsay Oaklands hospital in Manchester. He is an expert bariatric surgeon, having been awarded the Association of Surgeons Gold Medal. 

Gastric Sleeve FAQ's

As with all surgical operations, there are associated risks and a gastric sleeve is a more invasive procedure than a gastric band which is why it is important to choose a specialist bariatric surgeon with considerable gastric sleeve experience. In the hands of a highly experienced Healthier Weight surgeon, the gastric sleeve is still a safe and effective procedure. Read more about our sleeve centres and surgeons here.

Due to the considerable amount of weight that gastric sleeve patients typically lose, it’s possible that you will experience some excess, loose or saggy skin. This most commonly occurs in the abdominal apron, or trunk area. The amount of excess skin you’ll be left with following a gastric sleeve operation varies and will depend upon your age and weight before the procedure. Generally, the heavier and older you are, the more likely you are to have excess skin. Younger patients tend not to have as much lax skin due to greater natural skin elasticity. 

On average we expect weight loss results for gastric sleeve patients to be approx 60-70% of their excess weight during the first two years, although most of the weight is lost during the first year. Some people will inevitably do better than this, and some not so well.

You can eat most foods, providing they don’t cause you discomfort. However, because you will be consuming less food in general, it is important that you include foods that are rich in protein, but low in fat and sugar. We encourage you to eat vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, lean meat and fish. You will be provided with detailed nutritional information following your gastric sleeve operation.


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