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Patient reviews - weight loss surgery

Trustpilot reviews

Most amazing choice I've made

The most amazing people, ever so supportive and true to their word! Service is second to none. Hannah

When you've decided to have weight loss surgery, your next biggest decision is which provider to trust. We encourage you to speak to our patients and read their reviews to get a true picture of what you can expect from Healthier Weight. 

Other Patient Reviews

We also get emails and cards sent to us from patients. Below you will find a selection of their comments. You may also wish to read our patients' success stories.

“When I first wrote to Healthier Weight, I also wrote to the London Clinic and to BUPA. Healthier Weight were the first to respond and I was contacted by Cavell who was extremely helpful and explained everything. I was very impressed with the surgeon Dr Rahman who mentioned during the consultation how good the Healthier Weight after care was. My procedure was scheduled and all the information, advice and support was excellent.  Since having the op I have had lots of support; Claire has been extremely helpful along with Victoria and all the other members of the team. I think the staff at Healthier Weight are a credit to the company.” *

Review by: Lewis (Gastric sleeve)      

“I'm really impressed you guys offer the deferred payment option with no account/credit related tie, it’s a really lovely thing to do and not something you see much of in this world anymore, so thank you!” *

Review by: Helen (Gastric band) 

"The Patient Care Coordinator Matt was knowledgeable and friendly; he answered all of my questions and reassured me that Healthier Weight was the right choice. At my other consultation it was done by someone who'd had the procedure herself which was interesting but she talked about herself a lot, Matt was focused on me, my questions and concerns. He was great." *

Review by: M from London (Gastric band)
"I was banded yesterday, checked in at 7am, had op at 12:30, was back in room and up and walking around by 3pm. Pain free so far like completely not any chest or shoulder pain. This was the best decision I ever made, super excited to get on with the hard work now and eat healthy, follow the rules, exercise and permanently lose this weight. Still pain free this morning. Had a great experience with Healthier Weight from initial phone conversation to now, so glad i chose them" *
Review by: Jaimie (Gastric band)      

"I became so big I lost my sparkle. I decided I had to do something about it so I looked on the Internet for information.  I went to Healthier Weight and they were absolutely fantastic. I intended to shop around, rang up a local private hospital and made an appointment to see them but never went.  My life has totally changed" *

Review by: Martin (Gastric bypass)

“I checked out various websites and was particularly attracted to all the positive stories at Healthier Weight. I was further impressed at consultation because I was given comprehensive information; the pros and the cons but I didn’t feel pressurised at all into making a decision” *

Review by: Shirley (Gastric band) 

“I did a lot of research and chose Healthier Weight because they had the best reviews on their website and the best feedback in all the forums – and believe me, I read them all. I found the staff very professional and I can honestly say this is the best investment I have ever made in myself” *

Review by: Erin (Gastric band) 

“I chose Healthier Weight because the customer service was exceptional compared with other companies. Their slippage rate was the lowest and their aftercare the most comprehensive. Someone is always at the end of the phone” *

Review by: Nancy (Gastric band) 

“I had a consultation with Dr Ashton who was amazing, he was so helpful and informative and I was so well looked after in hospital. I cannot fault Healthier Weight at all” *

Review by: Jackie (Gastric band) 

“I wanted to be with a weight loss specialist, not a cosmetic surgery provider. I came for a consultation with Dr Ashton which I found really informative but he also listened carefully and put me straight on some things I’d read on the internet which were incorrect. The aftercare has been fantastic, Healthier Weight are always on the end of a phone and I can easily get band adjustment appointments” *

Review by: Janet (Gastric band) 

“I researched gastric band providers and really didn't like the hard sell approach from some of them. When I came across Healthier Weight online, I was impressed by their professional approach and after my consultation with Dr Ashton, I was in no doubt that this was the right thing to do” *

Review by: Richard (Gastric band)

“We did some research and decided to visit Dr David Ashton because we were impressed with the full support and aftercare offered by his team at Healthier Weight. That meeting was the day that my life changed. Not only was Dr Ashton friendly and informative but he was brutally honest about the whole process” *

Review by: Sandra (Gastric band)

“After a preliminary visit to Dr Ashton, who explained everything carefully and thoroughly, I was accepted for a gastric band. It really is the beginning of a new life for me thanks to Dr Ashton and the team, and it just proves that it’s never too late to lose weight!” *

Review by: James (Gastric band)

“I did some research on the Internet and rang another company but they wanted a non-refundable fee of £500 before they met me. Healthier Weight had a free advice line so I rang and found the staff so helpful and reassuring. I booked a consultation with Dr Ashton who was frank and honest which I admired. The consultation offered me a lifeline, Dr Ashton and his team gave me hope for the future” *

Review by: Dianne (Gastric band) 

“I went to see my doctor who helped me research the best provider and we decided Healthier Weight was perfect. I went to see Dr Ashton where he spent at least an hour going through the weight loss surgery options available with me. I would recommend Healthier Weight to anyone, the staff and doctors are amazing” *

Review by: Shirley (Gastric band) 

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.