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As more people have weight loss surgery it’s inevitable that more people will need revision surgery. This is the term we use when referring to the surgery that either corrects a problem with the first weight loss (primary) procedure or that converts the primary procedure into something more powerful (possibly a gastric band to gastric bypass revision). 

As someone who has had a weight loss surgery procedure you’ll know about the risks and benefits of surgery. It is likely that you also know that revisional surgery is more specialist and technically challenging than primary surgery. For this reason, far fewer providers and surgeons have the experience necessary to do these procedures safely and effectively. As the UK’s largest, specialist weight loss surgery clinic we specialise in revisional surgery.

Due to the specialist nature of this work we focus all our revision procedures on a select group of 4 surgeons, all of whom are specialists and do high volume revision work, both privately and in their NHS practice. Read why this is important and read more about our surgeons here. 

From this page we aim to provide all the information you will need to inform yourself about the revision surgery options that are available to you. Our team members are experienced and are ready to answer your questions and help you decide upon the best option for you.

Please use the links below to direct you to the information you need.

Your eligibility for revision weight loss surgery

Gastric band revisions

Gastric bypass revisions

Gastric sleeve revisions

Pre-operative assessment 

Aftercare support and warranty

Surgery and clinic locations

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Sharon is a gastric bypass patient from Manchester (November 2018). She said:

'My experience with Healthier Weight has been excellent throughout. From the  Patient care Co-ordinator, Cavell, to the nursing team through to the hospital team at the wonderful Priory hospital. Mr Singhal was the ideal surgeon throughout. My procedure was complicated because I’d had invasive abdominal surgery over 30 years ago. Mine was a complicated case! Mr Singhal planned my treatment and made sure everything went well. I had mini gastric bypass surgery and  I couldn’t recommend the service highly enough’ 

Surgeon Rishi Singhal
"As a bariatric surgeon, revision surgery is the surgery I enjoy most. We never know quite what to expect as it's impossible to know what state the abdomen will be in following the primary procedure. I see an increasing number of patients in clinic who want revision and I expect the trend to continue. Thorough pre-operative assessment, focusing surgery on only those surgeons who do a lot of cases and paying careful attention to outcomes are important attributes of the Healthier Weight programme."

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