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Gastric band port repositioning

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Over time, as some patients lose a lot of weight with their band, the access port can begin to protrude a little and become noticeable to you. In the vast majority of cases, this is not an issue  for patients but it can be a cause irritation to some, either aesthetically, just from knowing it’s there or, in the rarest of cases, it can rub/catch on items of clothing.

Whatever your motivation to have your access port moved, it is easy to do through a short, simple day case procedure. For your comfort it is done in hospital under general anaesthetic.

Most patients who contact us for port repositioning are those who had their surgery overseas and where the surgeon placed the access port directly above the sternum (breastbone). This is done for the surgeon’s convenience when filling the band but it’s the worst place for patients to have it, especially women, as it is just where the bra strap tends to sit. At Healthier Weight we ask surgeons to place the access port lower and to the side. When placed here it is much less likely to protrude. It’s one of those small things that patients never think to ask about before they have surgery but it’s very important.   

Repositioning the port is a simple procedure that takes 15-20 minutes in theatre.


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