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Gastric Band Removal

Gastric band removal

One of the reasons you chose a gastric band in the first place is probably because it is a reversible operation that keeps open the option of removal or revision to another procedure at a later date. 

Removal may happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • A complication with your band, such as an erosion, requiring that the band is removed
  • Your personal preference to have the band removed, possibly because you feel you no longer want to work with it
  • Having lost weight with a band you have regained some of that weight and want to convert to another procedure such as a bypass or sleeve
  • Perhaps you were unable to work with the band diet regime and want to progress to a different type of procedure


The good news is that if you do want your band removed it is usually a very straightforward operation that requires less than 30 minutes in theatre. It is done under general anaesthetic, would usually be a day case procedure, meaning you would go home on the same day.

The complications of the gastric band removal operation are the same as those for band placement. Surgical patients may experience infections or unexpected complications. In the case of an eroded band there is an increased risk of perforation of the stomach when it is removed, but this is extremely rare.

Do I need to have the band removed?

Before we enter into discussions with you about having your gastric band removed, we always discuss the possibility of helping you get your band working for you. It is possible that you could be struggling with your band because of a problem with the device itself, for example if the band was leaking. You would think you were failing when the problem was actually with the device itself. We would always recommend a clinic review and band volume check if you are "failing" with your band due to a loss of the feeling of restriction you used to have. It is especially important to have your band checked if the loss of restriction is sudden. 

Read more about suspected gastric band leaks here

How to get a gastric band removed

If you are adamant that you want your band removed, or you need your band removed, we will be pleased to assist you.

Call our team on 0121 693 4488 and we will make the arrangements for you. The first step will be a consultation with one of our surgeons.

Our gastric band removal surgeons

We have a very experienced group of gastric band surgeons. In fact, we have the most experienced group of band surgeons operating in the UK, with over 20,000 band operations performed between them. This group includes Professor Franco Favretti, Mr Rishi Singhal and Mr Paul Super

Surgeon Rishi Singhal
Surgeon Rishi Singhal Commented: "We expect a proportion of gastric bands to be removed. In skilled hands it is a straightforward procedure and most patients go home the same day."

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