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Suspected leak from your gastric band?


You may be failing to lose weight with your gastric band and don’t know why. If you are following the dietary guidelines but the band is not giving you that early feeling of fullness that you should expect, and that you used to feel, it may be that your band, and not you, is the problem. If you suspect this may be the case, then it might be worth having a gastric band review to check if your band is leaking. Read here why gastric bands can leak.

Our leak review comprises a two-step process. The first step is a short series of clinic review appointments with one of our bariatric nurses to check the fill volume in your band. This will give an indication if there is a leak. It will not be conclusive in isolation but a fill discrepancy, where their actual volume is lower than expected, would trigger an x-ray band adjustment to look for a leak from the band system (port, tubing and band itself).

An x-ray adjustment involves injecting ‘contrast’ (usually barium) into the band. The ‘contrast’ shows up on x-ray so any leaks will be visible.

It is extremely rare for the band to leak from the band itself. Instead, where leaks occur it is usually from the access port (into which we inject and remove the saline in your band) or from the tubing.

To diagnose a leak from your band we need evidence both from the clinic reviews and from the x-ray confirmation.

When a leak is diagnosed it is easily treated through replacement of the part of the system that is leaking. In most cases, the access port or part of the tubing will need to be replaced or removed. In rare cases, the whole of the band will need to be replaced. In all cases, this ‘revision’ surgery can be organised at a time that is convenient to you as a day case procedure. Your band will not be functioning properly while it is leaking but the leak itself will not be doing you any harm.

You can see prices for our leak review and revision prices here.

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