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Revision surgery diagnostic testing

Revision surgery diagnostic testing
Revision surgery diagnostic testing

We use a range of diagnostic tests in order to accurately diagnose and inform our revision surgery decisions. They include the following:

Clinic reviews with our nursing team – This is where diagnosis usually begins, and in all cases for gastric band patients. If a patient has a suspected leak from their band the diagnostic process will involve a number of regular clinic visits for volume checks. X-rays are notoriously poor for diagnosing port leaks.

Barium x-ray – This will always be needed for patients who have a failing bypass or sleeve procedure. On occasion we will use it for band patients too. This is in cases where a slippage or leak from the band or tubing (not the access port) is suspected. 

Gastroscopy – This is a more invasive investigation that involved placing a camera into the oesophagus (gullet) and stomach through the mouth. This procedure is done under sedation so is relatively painless. Its very rare that a gastroscopy would be needed. The most common cause would be to diagnose a suspected erosion in a gastric band patient. 

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