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Band to bypass conversion

The most common revisional procedure for patients who either wish or need to have their gastric band removed is a revision to gastric bypass. People having this procedure can expect to lose about 60% of their excess weight. (‘excess weight’ is a measure of your weight above that were you to have a BMI of 25).

The gastric bypass is the gold standard procedure in weight loss surgery and offers the best combination of weight loss and health benefits for most patients.  

The procedure is done laparoscopically (keyhole technique) and most cases are now completed as a one stage procedure, meaning the band will be removed and the bypass done at the same time. There is always the risk that the procedure will need be switched during the operation to a two stage procedure, due to undiagnosed damage around the stomach, but the likelihood of this is very small. There is also the risk that the procedure will be converted from a keyhole to an open procedure. This is rare but patients go ahead accepting this possibility.

Diagram of gastric band to gastric bypass conversion

The band to gastric bypass is the preferred procedure because it is regarded as the safer option than band to sleeve. Although the incidence rate for complications is much the same between the two, the consequences of certain sleeve complications are more severe, especially in the case of a staple line leakage. These can lead to a very long stay in hospital, sometimes extending to several months. 

Your gastric bypass procedure following band removal will be the same as if you were having the bypass as a primary procedure. Read all about the gastric bypass here

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