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Bypass Revision

With all weight loss surgery procedures most patients can expect to regain some of weight they have lost over a period of time. They might lose weight for 4-5 years and then see a slow regain in the years ahead, but not nearly to the weight they started. The gastric bypass is no different. 

Unlike the other procedures, the revision surgery options are not as good for bypass patients as they are for those with gastric bands and gastric sleeves. With band and sleeve we can revise to the gastric bypass. For obvious reasons that option doesn’t exist here.  Gastric bypass patients who are regaining weight do have options though, and these are shown below. 

Please use the links to find more information on each option.

Medical weight loss programme

Surgical pouch revision

Banding the pouch

Endoscopic pouch revision

We’ve listed a medical weight loss programme as the best option for bypass patients experiencing weight regain. This is because it is a safer option than surgery and with some of the new weight loss medicines it is possible to achieve baseline weight loss in the 10-15% range*. This is close to what can be expected from revision surgery. Before deciding to have revisional bypass surgery we encourage all patients to explore a medical weight loss programme first.

After Medical Weight Loss Programme we have ranked the surgical options in order of our preference, based on what we believe to be the best available published data. A recent publication by Tran et al and published in Obesity Surgery contained a systematic review of the options and drew conclusions on the weight loss and complication profile of each. We’ve used this publication to inform our rankings.

As you will have read elsewhere on this site, revision surgery carries a higher level of risk than primary surgery. This is because your first procedure will have left scar tissue around the organs that reside in the stomach, including the stomach.

In all bypass revision cases, it will be necessary to carry out a barium x-ray first. This will enable us to fully understand the reason your bypass is no longer working for you.  

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