Banding the pouch

The attraction of banding the gastric pouch is that it is a procedure that doesn’t require any change to the primary RYGB procedure. There is no cutting of the stomach. It involves placing an adjustable gastric band around the pouch. 

The procedure works in precisely the same way as a primary gastric band procedure. The band is a ‘satiety device’ and helps the patient feel full on a smaller portion when foods of the right texture are eaten and they are eaten in the right way (small portions and chewed thoroughly). You can read all about the gastric band here.

The weight loss results are in line with primary gastric band with excess weight loss of 45% – 50%.

The band does have a higher complication rate than the other surgery options but they are generally easy to diagnose and they can usually be resolved with a day case procedure.  The more common complications of gastric banding include port replacement, port repositioning, band repositioning and band removal. 

Although the complication rate is higher than for the pouch and limb revisions, they are more predictable and easier to manage. For this reason, banding is our favoured bypass revision when weight loss, complication rate and complication severity are combined. 

See prices for our banded bypass procedure here.

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