Endoscopic Pouch Revision

These procedures are new and involve the non-surgical revision of the bypass, usually by placing a stapling device of some kind into the stomach through the mouth.

We consider this to be a safe option and one that can deliver good weight loss results. In our case we favour the Overstitch revision. The Overstitch is a small stitching device placed through the mouth into the stomach. It works by reducing the size of the gastrojejunostomy (or ‘stoma’ – the aperture between the stomach and the bowel). Where weight has been regained because the stoma has stretched this procedure can be effective.

The Overstitch procedure is still relatively new so we have little long term data with which to judge results. The only weight loss data available (Jirapinyo et al), showed that bypass patients could expect to lose about half of the weight they had regained. In this study that amounted to a weight loss of 10.8kg.

Most studies into endoscopic revision of gastric bypass show very low complication rates.

Until Overstitch, the challenge with these procedures had been poor weight loss outcomes. The Ovestitch however appears to deliver better weight loss outcomes. For this reason we favour it in all cases where weight regain is due to an enlarged stoma. 

We were the first practice in the UK to office this procedure and have since done many Overstitch revision and primary procedures from our centre in Southampton with Mr Kelly. These procedures have since been rolled out to our centres in Birmingham, Manchester and London. 

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