Medical Weight Loss Programme

We consider a medical weight loss programme to be the first option for bypass patients who are regaining weight. 

When we talk about a medical weight loss programme we mean a programme within which you will be seen by a specialist doctor who will prescribe weight loss medication. In addition, the programme will include support from a specialist team and diet and exercise advice to help you get the best possible results. With the new medicines that are available it is possible to lose 10-15% of your starting weight. This is close to the weight loss that can be expected from pouch revision to limb extension but medication is much safer than surgery. Another attraction of a medical weight loss programme is that you’ll know within 10-12 weeks whether it is going to be an effective option for you. Generally speaking, if you are not losing weight within this period you won’t at all. If that is the case for you, we can switch attention to surgical options at that time.

When choosing a medical programme, you need to be careful to select a doctor supported programme that is designed to address the needs of obese patients. For this reason, we recommend the Slim Without Surgery programme. This excellent programme operates to high medical and ethical standards and you can be confident that any medication will be prescribed by a doctor and within the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

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