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Revision Surgery Costs

It is important to contact us to get a written quotation so that you fully understand what is included. For revisional surgery, more so than primary, prices can vary as the surgery is inherently more complex.

Prices will vary slightly to take account of local variations in pricing. Your written quotation will confirm the price payable. Please note: finance plans are not available for band revisions.

The price for your procedure may increase if your expected theatre time, length of hospital stay,  need for high dependency unit care, diagnostic testing requirements, take home medication, post op bloods/scans are outside of the norm. As you can see there are many variables. Your surgery will advise us of any increased requirements in advance of you going ahead so you can be confident that you’ll know the anticipated price before you proceed.

Your theatre time for revisional surgery will always be longer than for primary procedure. The prices we change reflect this. As such revision surgery prices are not comparable to primary prices, e.g. a revision gastric bypass will always require a higher price than primary gastric bypass.

For prices, please arrange a call from our revision experts.

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