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Welcome to the Sleeve Pro blog

In over 15 years in clinic we've met tens of thousands of patients, many of whom are interested in the gastric sleeve (laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy) procedure. During those 15 years gastric sleeve has developed into the fastest growing weight loss surgery procedure in the world, having overtaken gastric band and gastric bypass. Through those thousands of sleeve consultations we've found that it is probably least understood procedure, and generally speaking we've found it to be over simplified.

This 'Sleeve Pro' blog is our response to patients' feedback that it's hard to find good, reliable information about the sleeve. In this series of blogs your Sleeve Pro will give you the inside track on everything you need to know about the gastric sleeve, including answers to your questions. From patient experiences, to surgical developments, to detailed technical information, you'll find it all here. If there is something missing that you want to see, just ask and the Sleeve Pro will provide it!

General weight loss news

  • Why the sleeve is the dominant weight loss procedureMartyn Berrett In this, the first Sleeve Pro blog, we explain why the sleeve has become the dominant weight loss surgery procedure in the NHS, in fact in the whole western world. The sleeve has 3 main attractions that, when combined, make it hard to resist 28 February 2018 2:17pm
  • Why do sleeves cost more than gastric bands?Martyn Berrett It's a fair question. When most patients compare the band and the sleeve one of the attractions of the sleeve is that it is lower maintenance and requires fewer visit to the post-op clinic. So, shouldn't it be cheaper than the band? 28 February 2018 2:17pm

More of our blogs

  • Week 14Laura is noticing that her appetite has shrunk and her portions are getting smaller.
  • Week 13It's adjustment time for Laura. Read about this weeks challenges and successes..
  • Week 12The back to school season approaches for Laura and her children, so shopping trips are an essential! How will she resist the temptation of on the go...
  • Week 11The past couple of weeks have taken a toll on Laura's eating.
  • Week 10Laura learns more about emotional eating and how to control it.
  • Week 9Laura is still struggling after lasts week's emotional event sets her back.
  • Week 8It's a difficult week for Laura as she loses someone very close to her.
  • Week 7This week Laura documents the experience of her first fill..
  • We talk to gastric sleeve success story ChrisChris lost an incredible amount of weight with a gastric sleeve from Healthier Weight. Read his interview here...
  • We talk to gastric band patient ArifArif tells us about his journey with a gastric band, one year on.
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