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Am I Eligible for a Gastric Sleeve?

Am I Eligible for a Gastric Sleeve?
Am I Eligible for a Gastric Sleeve?

You'll be eligible for a gastric sleeve if you are able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • I have a BMI above 35 (32 if Asian or with Type 2 Diabetes)  
  • I have tried to lose weight using diets 
  • My weight is having an effect on my life on a day to day basis 
  • I know and understand the risks of sleeve surgery and the implications of those risks for me personally 
  • I am ready to make a permanent change to my diet and eating habits


It's one thing being eligible but it’s another thing being ‘ready’. Although weight loss surgery is proven to be safe and effective, you have to be 'ready' before you go ahead. Most patients tell me in clinic that they have been thinking about surgery for a long time. Over a period of time, they build their understanding and begin to adjust to the idea of what life would be like after surgery. This is not something to be rushed and a responsible provider or surgeon will never make you feel hurried into having a procedure (unless surgery is an emergency of course).

Once you've completed your initial research, find a provider you think you can trust, after all, you’ll be dealing with them for the long term. Make contact with them, speak to them at length to check they know their stuff and then arrange to go in and meet their surgeon for a consultation. Only after this consultation are you ready to make the final decision on whether surgery is right for you.

Remember, you are the 'customer' in this process. So, take your time and get answers to all of your questions. Good providers enjoy questions because it gives them chance to show their expertise. Put them to the test!

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