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Another Day Another Story About Obesity

Another Day Another Story About Obesity
Another Day Another Story About Obesity
Today the story is the link between obesity and cancer.

The people at Cancer Research have published a study that shows that obesity is now the second largest preventable cause of cancer behind smoking and in the years ahead it's expected to overtake it. This is one chart that you don't want to be number one in!

The study showed that over 6% of all cancers are caused by obesity and the number of deaths per year numbers in the tens of thousands.

In clinic we find that most people who have weight loss surgery, whether a gastric band or a gastric sleeve, do so because they are unhappy with their life and they choose surgery primarily for the quality of life benefits it will bring. The health benefits tend to be secondary. This is not true of all patients but certainly most.

Recent studies into the link between type 2 diabetes and obesity and today cancer and obesity make that 'secondary' health reason very compelling.

So, you'll improve your quality of life and you'll spend longer doing it.

Was there ever a more compelling argument to go ahead and have life-changing surgery! 

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