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Band adjustments and aftercare

Healthier Weight is supporting more gastric band patients than any other provider operating in the UK today. We are specialists in gastric banding and already support thousands of private band patients through our national network of clinics. Whether you’re succeeding with your gastric band and just need a regular fill or are struggling, our specialist team will provide all the support you need.

Are you a Healthier Weight band patient outside your free aftercare period? To continue to receive review appointments and gastric band adjustments, you can choose to pay per appointment or for better value, you may wish to select a bundle appointment package.

Have you had your gastric band with another provider? We see many people who are failing to achieve the weight loss you had expected or had been promised. We are happy to provide aftercare only services to patients of other providers, perhaps:

  • Your surgery provider has gone out of business
  • You’re struggling to get adjustments, despite being promised many years of aftercare
  • You’ve become unhappy with the quality of care and support you are receiving
  • Your overseas band package does not include aftercare in the UK
  • You’re experiencing complications with your band and need specialist advice

One-off Healthier Weight clinic band adjustments are priced from £150. We also offer appointment bundle packages for ongoing aftercare.

Aftercare only prices

Please note: free aftercare is included for 2 years for all Healthier Weight gastric band patients. These prices apply to patients outside their aftercare period or patients of other providers seeking additional / alternative aftercare.

HW band PatientBand from other provider
Gastric band review and adjustment (if needed)£150£150
Gastric band adjustment under X-Ray£299£399
3 appointments£389 (12 month expiry)
£60 saving vs one-off fee
£389 (12 month expiry)
£60 saving vs one-off fee
6 appointments£599 (18 month expiry)
£300 saving vs one-off fee
£599 (18 month expiry)
£300 saving vs one-off fee

Likely to need a few adjustments? Save with our Bundle Packages

For many people, our bundle packages offer the best value. If you need more than just 2 adjustments over a 6 month period, it is cheaper than paying individually. It can take several adjustments to get your restriction to a level that delivers safe, consistent results so with a bundle package, you don’t need to worry about the cost and can focus on getting your weight loss back on track.

Problems with your band?

There’s usually a good explanation why your band isn’t working, frequently it’s just inadequate aftercare or poor adjustment. In most cases, our specialist team can correctly adjust your band and support you back onto the road to weight loss success.

We see many patients who had their band with another provider but come to us for aftercare when they don’t get the support they need. Some feel they’re failing with the band and even want to consider another procedure but before going down this path we always carry out a band volume check. Many band leaks go undiagnosed so it is possible that the problem is with the band itself.

Gastric band symptom checker

We are specialists in gastric banding and there must be very few problems we have not seen over the 14 years we have been operating. Our priority is always to help band patients to work with their band. Sometimes this requires a change to diet or eating habits but instead it sometimes requires a change to the fill volume in the band, or for a problem with the band to be remedied. So, before you beat yourself up about failing with your band, first check that it isn’t leaking or that it isn’t under filled.

This indicates that your band is too tight and can happen if your band is over-filled by an inexperienced practitioner. This can be dangerous, leading to problems such as pouch enlargement, band slippage and stomach perforation. Following an evaluation it is likely that your band will be aspirated (emptied) to allow your symptoms to resolve before we manage a series of fills to return restriction to a safe level.

If you didn’t have these symptoms before having a gastric band, they are likely to be due to over-tightening of your band. Following an evaluation it is likely that your band will be aspirated (emptied) to allow your symptoms to resolve before we manage a series of fills to return restriction to a safe level.

This may indicate that the access port was poorly positioned during surgery, eg over the ribs or lower breast bone. As you lose weight, the port can protrude and cause chronic pain. If this is the case, you may require a further procedure to reposition your port.

If you have experienced a sudden loss of restriction and have gone from being able to eat only small portions to much larger portions, the first thing we check for is a leak, the most common complication with gastric band patients.Leaks usually occur at a point of weakness, either at the access port itself or along the port tubing that connects the access port to the band.Leaks are common and the risk of experiencing one can increase if your band is adjusted by an inexperienced practitioner.

To assess whether your band may be leaking, we check the volume by emptying your band and then refilling it with the volume we understand should be in it. In a follow up appointment 3 weeks later, we will aspirate (remove) all of the saline from your band to check the volume has remained the same. If there has been a loss of fill volume, and the saline we remove from your band is ‘gin clear’ it is almost definitely leaking at the access port and it will need to be replaced.

So, before you conclude you’re a ‘band failure’ (an expression used by patients, never us), it’s best to check the volume in your band to make sure it isn’t leaking. It’s certainly much safer and cheaper to fix the band and work with it than to convert to another procedure.

Had enough of your band?

From time to time a patient may just decide they have reached the end of the road with their band and they want it removed. It may be you are experiencing some reflux symptoms, you are tired of following he diet regime or you just want it removed out of personal preference. If this is the case for you, please use see our revision surgery section to get more information.

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