Three words that I'd use to describe myself now are disciplined, motivated and optimistic!

Andi's Mini Bypass Journey

From 33 stone to 22...

Andi Barker is now 6 months post his mini gastric bypass surgery and has achieved what can only be described as an amazing success. In the last 6 months, Andi has lost over 11 stone meaning that day-to-day tasks that were once daunting, are now a walk in the park. You can find out more about this by watching the video above!

Andi’s lifestyle before surgery consisted of binge eating and a lack of exercise due to the demands of work and unhealthy habits that were convenient within his life. This quickly spiralled out of control when he realised he ‘couldn’t drive past a Mcdonald’s drive-thru without picking something up’. The excess weight over time created a lot of pressure in his joints meaning exercise as simple as walking became a difficult task and getting involved with family life grew increasingly harder. On top of this, each day Andi took a variety of medications to control his co-morbidities such as diabetes, sleep apnea and water retention. At this stage, Andi knew that a change needed to be made…

The life changing surgery...

Take a watch of the above videos (part one to the left, part two to the right) to see how far Andi has come from the beginning of his journey to 6 months post-surgery and how it has already changed his life already. 

Andi’s surgery was very successful and was performed by Mr Rishi Singhal who is a leading bariatric surgeon across the globe. Mr Singhal described Andi’s liver as being in the ‘perfect condition’ due to strictly following his liver reduction diet before surgery meaning everything could be performed without the risk of complications.

5 weeks post-surgery update

By 5 weeks, Andi Speaks about how the weight loss surgery has already impacted his life by losing a fantastic 5 stone in this short amount of time! In the video above Andi talks about his experience looking back on the day of his surgery and the impacts of his new diet.

3 months post-surgery update

On our visit to see Andi in January, he was 3 months post his mini-gastric bypass procedure and weighed a total of 25 stone 13lbs which was a huge achievement from his original weight of 33 stone. Already we could see the difference not only physically but mentally as well. 

In this update, Andi and wife discuss the severity of his old eating habits and how he never thought he would make it past the age of 50. He now has a totally different outlook on life where he can fit into chairs at the theatre, buy new clothes from generic stores and make new plans for a future he thought he would never have.

Looking back over Andi’s past 6 months shows a true testament to the power of weight loss surgery when partnered with determination, commitment, and a positive outlook. It has been a joy to follow Andi up until this point and we can assure you there is more to come…

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