I'm able to do things now that my weight always stopped me from doing in the past

A Powerful Mother, Daughter Duo

In February 2021, Anita and Melissa, mother and daughter, decided to undergo weight loss surgery to improve their health and quality of life. Melissa chose to have a gastric sleeve surgery, while Anita opted for a gastric band procedure.

Melissa has lost an impressive 9 stone (126 pounds) since her surgery in February, while Anita has lost 6 stone (84 pounds) from her gastric band surgery. Having such a close bond, Melissa and Anita have been able to help each other through their individual journeys, providing support and encouragement through sharing tips, strategies, and recipes to make the lifestyle changes required after the surgery.  

"It's more than just weight los surgery, it's the biggest confidence boost I've ever had."

Struggling With Relationships...

When speaking to Melissa she stated that she has struggled with relationships in the past due to not feeling like she deserved somebody that was nice as she ‘hated herself so much’. Her weight loss journey has not only helped her to improve her physical health but also her self-esteem and confidence for what the future holds.

Trying new clothes...

Before her weight loss surgery, Melissa never went on any girls holidays with her friends as she would never feel comfortable wearing a bikini. She also never wore nice clothes and stuck to her safe option of a ‘jumper and leggings’ as not only did she feel she wouldn’t fit in anything else, she wouldn’t want to wear anything else either. Her weight loss has allowed her to feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin and she is now excited about the prospect of going on holiday, wearing a bikini and trying new clothes

weight loss surgery is not a cheat or the easy way out.

It's not something I'm embarrassed about. If people ask about my weight loss I will tell them what I've had and actually get into a conversation with them to help them understand more about it.

Anita has turned her life around and has been lucky to have the support of her partner as well as her daughter Melissa. She wants to reiterate that weight loss surgery is not a cheat or the easy way out. Despite people’s opinions, it takes a lot of work to make new and healthier choices every day. She now feels like she can do lots of things her weight always held her back from and it has made a huge positive impact in her life.

Anita had tried countless diets in the past but always found that she put the weight back on as soon as the diet became unsustainable. Weight loss surgery can help to tackle diet culture and actually provides a sustainable way to lose weight rather than restricting your food choices so much when following a diet, that you just going back to the way you were before. Anita believes that with weight loss surgery, you have the opportunity to change your lifestyle permanently and make healthier choices in the long term.

Overall, weight loss surgery can be a powerful tool for those struggling with obesity, but it is not a decision to be made lightly. It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional and undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if weight loss surgery is the right option for you. Having support and encouragement from family members and loved ones can play an important role in the success of weight loss surgery, as it has for Melissa and Anita.

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