I'd even tried boot camp!

Before and after of gastric band patient Ann
“I feel fantastic! I’ve still a bit to go but I don’t walk into a shop and feel that others are thinking there’s nothing in here to fit her”*


My story

I’ll never forget the date of my operation because it was the day after the Royal Wedding of William and Kate – 30th April 2011. I was fat. I’d tried every diet on the planet. I’d even tried boot camp where I had to be up at 7 for an hour’s aerobics followed by a miniscule breakfast, a ten mile hike and more exercises. There was even a bit of hypnotherapy in the evening when I was asked how would you like to see yourself? I cried when I said in a pair of small Levi jeans. 

The reason I chose Healthier Weight was because of the aftercare provided. I’d seen Doctor Ashton and he put my mind at rest regarding the operation. Anyone can do the op! I was sick of short term efforts. I knew I needed a long term solution.

I’ve gone on to lose 4 stones 9lbs* to date and the confidence it’s given me is incredible. I feel fantastic! I’ve still a bit to go but I don’t walk into a shop and feel that others are thinking there’s nothing in here to fit her*. I’ve gone down 4 dress sizes to a 14*. I used to buy clothes because they fitted, not because I liked them. Now my best friend says she won’t go shopping with me because I’m picking up the smaller sizes. I don’t have to shy away from fitted clothes*.

I suppose the most dramatic change is that I feel I can do anything*. I’d always wanted to sing so I booked a lesson and then sat outside in the car thinking I can’t go in. Well, I did finally go in and now I’m recording a CD for Christmas!

A gastric band is not an easy fix. You can still eat and drink high calorie stuff. You have to work and be committed to get the most out of it. I eat a lot more healthily now. Before, if the choice was salad or a cream cake there would be no contest. My taste has changed*. I don’t eat as much red meat. I love fish. I enjoy my food now rather than shovelling it in. I’ve changed my life completely. It’s how I want to be.*

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