Imagine this; I could wear a bikini! *

Before and after of gastric band patient Jackie
My health has improved significantly. My back pain’s better; my hair’s better; my skin’s better and I’ve got more life and more energy.

Jackie Siddons

My story

My family are health freaks and we’re close so there are lots of family parties and functions. In the past my sisters would turn up looking great whilst I’d have had a depressing time shopping to find something – anything – that would fit my 16-stone body. I would cry with relief to find something. It didn’t matter if it was nice. 

I’ve done diet after diet after diet. I kept convincing myself “this time” it will work. I’d lose 3 stones and then it would go back on again. My sisters kept suggesting I should investigate weight loss surgery and their gentle pressure coupled with my chronic back pain led me to Healthier Weight. 

I had a consultation with Dr Ashton who was amazing. He was so helpful and informative and I was so well looked after in hospital. I cannot fault Healthier Weight at all.

Since having the band I’ve lost 6 stones in 7 months*. My health has improved significantly.  My back pain’s better; my hair’s better; my skin’s better and I’ve got more life and more energy. I’ve not done much exercise yet – that’s next. I feel I can now take on whatever I want. I was a trampolinist as a teenager. Maybe I’ll try tennis or badminton or even squash*. 

The band has been a catalyst for a bigger lifestyle change. I made a conscious decision to change. I decided I was going to work with the band. Even though it limits your intake you still have to make a real effort. I’ve more confidence and oh, how I love to shop. I could even wear a bikini now*. 

I quite enjoy seeing someone I’ve not seen for a long time, it makes you feel so good to see their jaw drop. I’m still getting used to it. 

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