"Bernard" the gastric band has changed my life*!

Before and after of gastric band patient Janet
I used to wear drab clothes so nobody noticed me whereas I now enjoy dressing up and being girlie. I’ve changed*!


My story

The trigger for my weight loss was a very personal and sad one. My mother died after being wheelchair bound and suffering lots of strokes. She was very unhappy with her lot and rightly blamed it on her weight. She was always telling me to do something about mine so after she died I went to see my GP to explore my options. Despite a BMI of 42 and having all the same co-morbidities as my mother I didn’t qualify for band surgery on the NHS

Searching the Internet I came across Healthier Weight. I wanted to be with a weight loss specialist and not a cosmetic surgery provider. I came for a consultation with Dr Ashton which I found really informative but he also listened carefully and put me straight on some things I’d read on the Internet which were incorrect. I was so worried about the general anaesthetic but the operation turned out to be a breeze and I was touched that Claire the Bariatric nurse I’d been speaking to beforehand was at the hospital.

The aftercare has been fantastic. Healthier Weight are always on the end of a phone and I can easily get band adjustment appointments. I’ve lost 47 lbs so far and have another 47 to go, then I’ll be under 10 stone for the first time in my adult life*. I’ve only told a few friends so far because people can be so judgmental and cruel. That’s why I refer to my band as Bernard – my best friend. There’s lots of prejudice – it’s the last area where people can walk up to you and insult you because of the way you look. Well, I’ve been “outed” now and I don’t care. I’m not diabetic any more and I’ve nearly cured my hypertension*. I used to wear drab clothes so nobody noticed me whereas I now enjoy dressing up and being girlie. I’ve changed*!

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