I get to stick around to see my daughter grow up.

“Everyday I do something that makes me realise how far I’ve come”

Jessica's Success Story

finally finding a light at the end of the tunnel with the gastric sleeve after battling life's daily challenges.

The Gastric Sleeve


The gastric sleeve, a procedure that makes small incisions in the stomach along its length to recover about 80% of your stomach. For most, a surgery that ‘helps people lose weight’ but it was than that for Jessica. This surgery held so much more meaning, from physical to mental health, the gastric sleeve has helped her in ways that are so much more than just a number on a scale.


Life before the surgery


Life before Jessica’s operation was a tough time. She was tackling her body both mentally and physically on a daily basis, until she knew it was time was to change her life around. Jessica has no photos of her and her daughter from this time. And when seeing photos of her at the swimming pool with her friends, to seeing ‘21 Stone’ on the scales, she knew that pivotal point in her life had happened.


Finding the best surgery for her


After doing some research on the topic of weight loss surgery, the ‘Gastric sleeve’ and the ‘Bypass’ were the options Jess was torn between. But after speaking to an acquaintance who had previously used Healthier Weight, she decided to investigate the company and find out more for herself. After this, Jess booked a consultation and spoke to a surgeon to receive professional advice about her queries and dilemmas when it came to her potential weight loss surgery. That’s exactly what she got, after her consultation Jess knew the gastric sleeve was the best option for her. There was nothing left to do now other than begin the process…

life isn't always easy

When surgery day came round


When the big surgery day came round, Jessica was filled with nerves, but she knew it was the right decision to make, to help not only her own physical and mental health but in order to be there to watch her daughter grow up. What motivated her was knowing it would help her in so many aspects of her life, in ways she couldn’t even process yet, and so it did.



Life since her operation


Since her operation, Jessica has been able to achieve so many incredible things. But the main change in her life have been day to day, in her own words “there is always something in everyday life that makes me realise, I wouldn’t have even been able to do this last year.” From being able to cross her legs to having more space in the bath on those well needed pamper nights, Jessica’s life has changed completely.


She hasn’t only been able to change for herself, she can now spend her free time with her daughter at the park, being able to share time with her and creating memories that matter the most. And that camera she used to avoid? She’s “all for it now, to the point it’s probably annoying.” The surgery has helped her in multiple ways scaling from emotional to physical. But it’s not all been positive…



How to respond to reactions


Most of Jessica’s friends and family were incredibly supportive throughout her whole journey. Telling her how she was continuing to lose weight and looked amazing each time she saw them, giving her that confidence boost we all receive when people recognise our efforts, reminding her why she started. This was especially important as Jess stated she didn’t always see the change herself after seeing her body every day.


However, being completely open about her surgery came with receiving some negative responses too. So, what’s her advice to keeping a positive mindset? Have the realisation that there will always be negative reactions to everything you do, but you need to focus on the positive, live your best life and focus on you! “Remember it’s not them living your life every day” and if they’ve been your weight and transformed by losing the weight without surgery then “fair enough”, but if not then they cannot have an opinion on what you decide to do and the decision you make for yourself and your happiness.

The future

“So what’s in store for the future now?”

When your life has completely shifted alongside your perspective, this question holds a lot more meaning to it. It was a difficult question for Jessica to answer. Although she’s looking forward to the future, she said it can still be overwhelming thinking about it too much. Instead, it’s the smaller things that she is looking forward to in the short-term future. Simple things like the change in seasons is where she’s noticed the biggest differences. During the United Kingdom’s biggest heat wave a few weeks back, Jessica wasn’t worried about how much she would be getting hot and flustered, when it came around could physically feel the difference in her transformation both physically and emotionally. Wearing new shorts and dresses was a big step for her, “it felt weird but good”.


It’s not all sunshine and rainbows

Furthermore, family is a big part for Jessica and she’s looking forward to continuing to be a “Happier Mum” as she continues this journey, making memories with the people she loves the most. Jessica wanted to make it clear, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, she still has bad mental days, but no one is perfect, it’s important to fix your mind before you have your surgery because “your surgery isn’t a magic trick” but it has definitely helped her towards her journey of becoming a “happier Jess”.

Looking forward to holidays

Last but definitely not least, Jessica is also looking forward to going on holiday and having fun, simple things like going on an airplane without needing a seatbelt extender is something she can’t wait for. Without the help of her surgery, the motivation she holds and that positive mindset to push herself to change her life, Jessica doesn’t know where she would have been. The motivation to turn her life around for herself and her family is something she is extremely grateful for and would recommend weight loss surgery to anyone who needs it. So, start your journey today…

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