It’s so nice to have my life back and have me back as a person

My confidence is through the roof again. I’m so happy, all the time!


Two years ago Kat was extremely unhappy with the way she looked, it was affecting her in every aspect of life, significantly her mental health. At over 15 stone she became depressed and anxious and as a result turned into a “total recluse”. She would often make plans to see friends but then “break them” at the last minute. “I went from being really confident to just a shell of my former self. It was a struggle daily.”

Kat began her weight loss by attempting several different diets including Atkins, Weight Watchers and fasting. However, she was frustrated with the fact that the most weight she had ever lost after dieting was 10 pounds. 

“I really struggle with dieting, it’s almost like as soon as I go on a diet, I instantly feel really hard done by. I’ll be really good for about a week or two, and then something happens like a birthday or Christmas, or even a catch up with friends and I’ll completely just fall off the wagon.”

After struggling with diets for some time, Kat decided it was time to explore the possibilities of weight loss surgery. Kat did some research into Healthier Weight and after reading customer testimonials decided that she wanted to go ahead with her procedure.

Nearly 2 years post op Kat says that having surgery has completely changed her life. 

“I feel like I’ve got my life back. I feel like I’ve got me back. My confidence is through he roof again. I’m so happy, all the time!

“I can walk down the street now and I’m not being judged in any way. I don’t have that anxiousness anymore it’s totally gone. It’s so nice to have my life back and have me back as a person.”

September 2019

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