Liberty's Transformation: A Weight Loss Success Story with the Gastric Band

I’ve always thought in my head that I was smaller than I was

Life before the gastric band

For Liberty, every day felt like a week. Juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, she found comfort in food, using pregnancy as an excuse to overeat. Despite her growing weight, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was smaller than she was, “I’ve always thought in my head that I was smaller than I was.” But reality hit hard when she reached 21 stone and her weight made even simple tasks, like picking up her children or enjoying a day at the theme park, nearly impossible. The tipping point came when she was asked to leave a ride, whilst at the theme park with her kids, due to her weight. It was a wake-up call that she couldn’t ignore.

Battling her self-image

Liberty’s self-image was something she would always struggle with. Behind carefully angled photos and flattering outfits, she struggled with embarrassment and self-doubt. The simple act of putting on a swimsuit could take her over 25 minutes. However, despite the struggle, she found her motivation: her children. Having children with special needs and a baby she knew it was important that she was able to do more for them, and without the surgery that simply wasn’t possible. “They need me around to be there for them” and “you are stronger than you think, you can have the surgery” were thoughts that she frequently had as the days went on.

Choosing the gastric band

“I felt as though the sleeve or the bypass would have done more of the work for me, but I wanted to mentally push myself to reach a different mindset that I was in”.

Opting for the gastric band wasn’t just about losing weight for Liberty; it was a mental challenge she was determined to master. Unlike other procedures, she saw it as an opportunity to actively participate in her weight loss journey, to put in more effort and make lasting changes. And she hasn’t looked back since.

Procedure Day and Beyond

Thanks to the supportive staff who made her feel at ease, “all the after care and the nurses has been amazing from start to finish”. Within hours, she was back home, surrounded by her loving family. The initial changes were evident – physical transformations, improved fitness, and a better quality of sleep. But the most significant change was the mental shift towards a more positive mindset, free from the constant obsession with food.

Overcoming Challenges

Transitioning from using food as a comfort blanket to embracing the gym wasn’t easy for Liberty. But she faced it head-on, finding new sources of comfort and strength. Rather than hiding her journey, she boldly shares it, offering support and encouragement to others considering weight loss surgery, stating ““I tell everybody, it’s not something that I am ashamed about. I post on my social media since the day I booked it and I want to help anyone who is looking for weight loss surgery”.

Embracing new possibilities

Today, Liberty revels in the newfound freedom her weight loss has brought. From effortlessly getting dressed to running up the stairs with her children in her arms, every moment is a testament to her resilience and determination.

And her advice to others?Trust the process, listen to your body, and put in the work – because the rewards are beyond measure.”

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