I needed to lose weight to achieve my dream career*!

Before and after of gastric band patient Lisa
“Now I love the fact that I don’t feel hungry*”


My story

Lisa, a 40 year old mum of 12 year old twin boys, from St Helens had always dreamed of a career as a style coach, but knew that as she was overweight there was no way people would take her seriously. Her new year’s resolution in 2010 was to change her life forever. She had a gastric band fitted which helped her lose weight and enabled her to wear size 10 clothes again*. Since then she handed in her notice and enrolled on a style coach course, so that she can do her dream job, advising people on how to look and feel good about themselves*.

Lisa had been struggling with her weight since having her twins, and her dad had died around the same time, so she had done a lot of comfort eating. Before children she weighed 9 stone, but twelve years on, at 5ft 4, she weighed over 14 stone and had a Body Mass Index of 33.

Lisa had tried most diets and spent a lot of time in the gym. The diets always worked and she’d lose a couple of stone. But as soon as there was a special occasion, like Christmas, or a wedding, her weight would go straight back on again.

“I spent so much money on diets” said Lisa. “Then, when I joined the gym everyone said that I looked great, but if I stopped for only two weeks while on holiday, I’d put back 1 ½ stone.”

“I used to eat without even thinking about it, especially when I was tired and not enjoying my work. A bar of chocolate would disappear before I’d realised I’d eaten it.”

“Now I love the fact that I don’t feel hungry*. I used to live on bread, but now I opt for soups and food with multivitamins. The most important thing I’ve learnt is to eat slowly. I also really enjoy eating out now, as I take my time – and savour every mouthful.”

Lisa also says that since her band has been fitted “I never feel low on energy. I love the idea that I can have chocolate treats, but I do eat fruit and take multivitamins, which makes me feel fantastic.”

“The crunch came when I realised that I’d been in a job for 20 years that I didn’t really enjoy. My passion in life is clothes and looking good, so I decided I wanted to be a style coach. But who’s going to take you seriously when you’re wearing frumpy clothes that you want to hide away in?”

“I’m now doing a course that I love, studying from home. I have the confidence to do this now, which I never had before. I’m setting up my own business helping people to de-clutter their wardrobes and make the most of how they look. It’s perfect!*”

Lisa (August 2011)

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