A Journey of Weight Loss, Self-Discovery, and Empowerment

Lottie Reeve

Lottie has been a dedicated health care assistant for most of her professional career, caring for others. However, as the years went by, she found herself facing a rising weight problem that began to interfere with her daily life. The extra pounds added up and became a burden, making it increasingly challenging for her to carry out her duties at work. Climbing stairs felt like a battle, and even responding to call bells became a struggle. The weight had become a serious issue, affecting not only Lottie’s professional life but also her role as a mother to her two young children.

"I questioned whether or not I could keep doing my nursing degree."

How Lottie’s weight affected her

Lottie wanted to be the active and involved mum that she believed her children deserved. They were at an age that required her to be energetic and engaged, and she couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on these precious moments that parents have with their children. Her weight had become a barrier to the life she wanted to provide for her kids.

Lottie’s weight also had an impact on her self-image and confidence. Changing in front of the mirror became a daily struggle. Each glimpse of her reflection seemed to drain her of the confidence she wanted and needed.

Choosing bariatric surgery

Driven by her desire for change and a better future, Lottie made the decision to explore bariatric surgery as a solution. Determined to find a reputable and supportive bariatric company, she discovered Healthier Weight. With our reputation for providing comprehensive care and support throughout the weight loss journey, Lottie knew she had found the right place to embark on her transformation. After consultations and discussions, Lottie chose to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure—a choice that would prove to be life-changing.

Surgery day

On April 22 of 2022, Lottie underwent the gastric sleeve surgery, and her life began to transform in unimaginable ways. From that day forward, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and renewed vitality. Supported by the expertise and guidance of the Healthier Weight team, Lottie embraced the physical and emotional challenges that lay ahead.

Life since surgery

The results were astonishing. Since her surgery, Lottie has lost an incredible 5 and a half stone, shedding the weight that had held her back for far too long. The transformation was not just about the numbers on the scale; it was a shift in her psychological and emotional healing. Lottie experienced a surge of energy and confidence that allowed her to embrace life in ways she had never thought possible.

Lottie could now be the active and involved mother she had always wanted to be. Whether it was playing football with her son without feeling out of breath, going for family hikes, or simply being fully present in their daily activities.

Her experience with healthier weight

Throughout her transformation, Lottie remained immensely grateful to Healthier Weight for their unwavering support. Our compassionate team not only provided her with exceptional medical care but also offered guidance, encouragement, and a safe space to share her triumphs and challenges.

Rewriting the narrative

"I felt like I was waiting to live my life and I feel like I am now that I've had my procedure done"

At 37 years old, Lottie’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. She went from feeling limited and held back by her weight to discovering a newfound freedom, confidence, and joy. Her success story serves as an inspiration to anyone facing similar struggles, reminding us all that with determination, support, and the right tools, we can overcome obstacles and create a life filled with health, happiness, and fulfilment.

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