This was the only long term answer

You get so stuck in a rut thinking, this is it, this is me now, when actually, it doesn’t have to be



“After my daughter was born she wasn’t in great health. When she pulled through and we were home and starting family life, it actually dawned on me that my own health is very, very important, and I need to start looking after myself.”

Sarah has two children and after seeing her new born baby fall ill, quickly realised that if she didn’t make a change, she may not have been there for either of them.

After trying a number of diets that proved unsuccessful, she came to the conclusion that weight loss surgery was her only long term solution. 

Sarah approached Healthier Weight in 2018 despite her Mum being unsure that weight loss surgery was the right choice. “I went to the initial consultation with my mum. Any worries she had going into that room, she didn’t come out with, her mind was very much put at rest.” 

Just 1 year after her surgery, Sarah has lost 8 stone 5Ib. “Now, after dinner we’ll walk up the park as a family. I fit in a swing! We have races to see who can go the fastest. I am in my family now, whereas I was just on the sidelines before.”

September 2019

Update November 2020: Read a first-person account of how Sarah has managed to maintain her weight loss during a global pandemic and national lockdown.

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