"It's not like you can reinvent yourself, you just find who you are and have the confidence to let it show"

From a recluse, to living life to the fullest...

Sarah had struggled with her weight for years, and it had started to take a toll on her mental and physical health. She became a ‘recluse’, never going out due to fear of being judged and also worrying about calorie counting every meal due to following unsustainable diets. Her husband of 17 years saw her before her weight gain, throughout, and after, and could also see how it was negatively affecting her and taking away that zest for life she always had before her weight gain. She also became a mum to two beautiful children and wanted to set a better example for them, which is when she knew that she needed to make a change.


Freedom found in weight loss surgery...

After undergoing weight loss surgery (WLS), Sarah felt like a new person. WLS gave her the freedom to live a more fulfilling life. She no longer had to stress about calorie counting or restricted diets and could actually go out for a meal and enjoy herself! She can now eat in a more sustainable manner and has learned to listen to her body for what it needs.

“I’m now enjoying life for what it is and I’m having a great time!”

In our latest success story interview (watch video above) Sarah explained how she has now held down her job for a long time when before she would always dip in and out of employment due to lower energy levels and a lack of confidence. In both her working and personal life Sarah feels that she can finally let the real her ‘shine through’.


Setting a better example...

The best part about Sarah’s success story is that it has given her control over her mental and physical health. This has allowed her kids to have her full attention due to her being in a positive headspace as well as setting a better example along the way. Her husband couldn’t be more proud of her, and he is amazed at how much she has transformed.

Sarah’s story is an inspiration to anyone struggling with weight issues. She has shown that with determination and the right mindset, a more fulfilling life is waiting for those who are willing to make a change.

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