My 4-year-old boy was the main reason for this and we’re just living our best lives. Ups and downs are part of life, but we ride them out!

Sherriden Rogan

Life Before Weight Loss Surgey

Since her school days, Sherriden had always been “big” and struggled with her weight all her life.

As she grew older, eating became her way of coping and she began to turn to food for comfort and reassurance.

Developing a food addiction, her doctor diagnosed her with an eating disorder, which was a shock to her since she would not have associated eating disorders with overeating.

Sherriden began to loathe the way she looked, but what she really hated was how she felt.

She felt trapped and would refuse outing invitations because of her anxiety about clothing, constantly wondering what she would wear and if she could find anything that would fit. She felt alienated.

“I never felt like I fitted in with anyone, not friends not even my family.”

Reaching her Breaking Point...

When COVID hit, Sherriden hit rock bottom. Locking herself away from the world, she found herself in a dark place, with her son being the only light pulling her through.

Realizing that enough was enough, she decided to love herself and respect her body and health. As she began to venture out more, she found that her weight was preventing her from being the mother she wanted to be.

Discovering Bariatric Surgery...

Despite trying numerous diets and even losing 7lbs within 2 days, the weight always returned. That’s when Sherriden discovered the life-changing option of bariatric surgery.

After months of research, she knew the Gastric Sleeve was the right choice for her. Since then, she has never looked back. Her new lease on life has given her the confidence to be the best version of herself and fully enjoy her time with her son.

Finding Healthier Weight

“They listened to me and my concerns and always spoke to me with care, compassion and honesty.”

Sherriden researched bariatric surgery and talked to many companies, including those abroad, in search of a solution.

It was only when she contacted Healthier Weight that she felt it was the right fit. The staff stood out from the rest with their genuine care for her concerns, unlike other companies that seemed too ‘salesy’.

This level of professionalism and respect helped Sherriden make a life-changing decision.

The Surgery Experience...

On the day of her surgery, Sherriden’s mother dropped her off at the hospital, where she was escorted to her room and met with the caring nurses who explained everything that would happen.

When she met Dr. Rishi Singhal, she knew she was in good hands. He explained everything to her in detail and put her mind at ease.

During the surgery, the nurses and anaesthesiologist kept her calm and comfortable. After the surgery, Sherriden woke up with no pain, only feeling a little sick. The nurses took excellent care of her, keeping her pain-free throughout her stay.

One Year on...

In the first few months after her surgery, Sherriden experienced a range of emotions as she adjusted to the changes in her eating and drinking habits.

However, she was never alone in this journey. The clinic team stayed in contact with her and answered any questions she had, providing constant support.

As Sherriden began to settle into her new way of life, she started an Instagram page (@shezgotsleeved) dedicated to her weight loss and followed others who had undergone bariatric surgery. Over time, she felt more comfortable going out, smiling, accepting love, and enjoying life more in general, thanks to the confidence she gained from her weight loss journey.

A Glimpse into the future

“I’m 31 years old, and I’m only just living my best life!”

Sherriden is finally living life to the fullest, and she’s not looking back!

Her 4-year-old son is the driving force behind her goals, and together they’re loving every moment – even the ups and downs.

Sherriden used to be in an unhappy, unloved, and mentally abusive relationship, but she realized that she needed to love and respect herself before anyone else could.

Now she’s letting people in and allowing herself to be loved how she deserves.

New Memories...

Recently, Sherriden took a leap of faith and left her comfortable yet unhappy job, securing a new one after applying to multiple positions.

When her sister invited her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, Sherriden originally said no, worried her appearance might spoil the photos. After making such significant lifestyle changes and rebuilding her confidence, she took part in the wedding, and it’s become one of her most treasured memories.

During the past 17 months, she’s made more memories than she could have imagined pre-surgery.

“We only have one life, let’s go live it to the full!”

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