The 'Man of the Year' Success Story

James Howse

James Howse started his weight loss surgery journey in 2019 with the Mini Gastric Bypass. Ever since James began to struggle with his weight, he constantly worried about not being able to socialise properly and spend time with his loved ones. However, the more weight he gained, the more this fear became a reality.

James’ Breaking point:

Dealing with the consequences that a lot of overweight or obese people struggle with, including finding clothes that fit him (being a size 7XL) or not being able to sit in certain chairs, was something James was always used to. 

However, the most pivotal point for James was a family holiday where he hit his peak weight, 38 stone 5 pounds. “My sisters could see that I was very withdrawn from the family.” The reality is James was struggling, he couldn’t engage in activities in ways that his family could, and he wasn’t happy. It was at this time that he knew something needed to change…

How he found healthier weight

“I went to numerous consultants before, but as soon as I found Rishi at Healthier Weight, I knew it was him whom I wanted to do my operation”. When further diving into why James’ was so comfortable and convinced Healthier Weight was best suited to him, he revealed that Rishi Singhal (Head Surgeon) made him so comfortable “as soon as” he saw him, which was a big thing for James. So, once he found the best company for him, it was time to begin the weight loss process.

The reality of weight loss surgery:

James’ wanted to make it aware it’s a common misconception that weight loss surgery is an immediate fix however that isn’t the case. “I learnt pretty quickly that weight loss surgery gives you a tool that you have to use to your advantage for it to work.” James himself made this mistake, however once learning more about how to work with his surgery, eating the right food and portions alongside following Healthier Weight’s guidelines, it was time for his BMI to drop and his passion for life to rise.

His mission since transforming his life:

“A lot of men are embarrassed to ask for help”

Ever since beginning his journey James has made it his mission to help others especially other men. 

When James started his journey, he found it difficult to find someone he could relate to. Which we can all understand would be an impactful barrier to cross when investigating if such a life-changing procedure is right for you. This barrier could have easily stopped him from pursuing his mission, however, it did the opposite. For this reason, he has discovered a passion for helping other men feel confident and reaching out for help. “A lot of men are too embarrassed to ask for help” due to the reoccurring stigma from big choices such as this, or simple tasks in everyday life. In response to this, a lot of men are conditioned to believe “they’ll always be ok, but that’s not always the case.”

James recognises the prominence of this issue within society and wants anyone who feels this way to look at him and recognise how much weight loss surgery has “changed his life” for the better. Not only physically, but the other positive associations that come mentally and emotionally.  

His advice to other Bariatric Patients :

Throughout his life, he has hesitated before making decisions. However, he can guarantee that when doing the right research and “following your gut” you will know what is right for you.

Winning 'Man of the Year':

Since having his surgery, he has been an inspiration for the whole Bariatric community. Not only has he lost over 20 stone and kept it off, but he’s been able to share his experience to help others. 

His positive attitude and commitment to himself are only a fraction of the reason he won Healthier Weight’s ‘Man of the Year’ award in 2022. In his own words, the whole night was something he will “always remember”, “being able to sit in a room with no judgement” and everyone being positive about each other’s journey is a feeling not all can experience and understand. “To win the man of the year is simply icing on the cake” for James, but we at Healthier Weight want to say it was more than deserved and we are so proud of everything you have achieved within your journey. We look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future!

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