“I would 100% do your research, know all your options, and then go for it!”

Amymay Lost 12 stone

The ‘Woman of the Year’ Winner’s Story

Amymay started her journey with the Mini Gastric Bypass in July 2021 and has never looked back. At the age of 35, struggling with self-confidence, mobility, and overall health, she decided to take control and change her life around, not only for herself but also for her family.

“They were so crystal clear with what they did and how they did it. The surgeons were supportive but mostly treated me like an individual, not just someone they deemed ‘lazy.” At Healthier Weight our patients are at the heart of everything we do and giving everyone a unique experience is of the utmost importance. Amymay believes this helped her commit to the journey and build a positive mindset moving forward, with what could have been a very daunting time in her life.

She did critical research into everything that crossed her mind regarding weight loss surgery, and that’s what she recommends to all. Amymay’s surgery has turned her life around and given her a whole new purpose. Since having the surgery Amymay stated it has brought about many mental benefits to her life such as bringing her self-worth back, which plays a considerable part in everything we do. She can “look in the mirror and feel positive” allowing her to live her life to its fullest potential. Amymay can now wear clothes she never thought she would be able to again and like this, it’s the small things that can play such a large part in self-confidence. 

Alongside the considerable mental health benefits, there are numerous physical  benefits from having bariatric surgery. But for this mother of two wonderful children, the biggest health benefit is gaining her mobility back. “My mobility has improved my health and confidence; I can run around with my boys and have no regrets.” Being a mother of two active children can be incredibly difficult for parents with a high BMI, constantly struggling to keep up. Having the chance to go out and create memories with your loved ones has not only changed Amymay’s life but has allowed her children to embark on new journeys with their mum by their side, adding to those fond childhood memories. 

“Weight loss surgery is Just the Beginning. Healthier Weight are with you for the journey”.

Amymay wanted to make it clear that the mental connection you have between yourself and food doesn’t “magically” disappear, “that’s something you have to work on for life, but it gives you that head start to get you on the right track.” Weight loss surgery gives you the tools to start changing those unhealthy habits , so like Amymay, you can gain some mental freedom and no longer be “all consumed with food” and your relationship with it

How has Amymay used this transformation to move forward?

With this newfound freedom and confidence, Amymay is helping to empower others within the community to “take that step”, for both men and women, predominantly on Instagram and TikTok. Addressing topics such as excess skin, finding confidence and her diet as a gastric bypass patient.

Recently, Amymay has been diagnosed with ADHD which majorly affects her relationship with food, from binge eating to choosing what meals to eat. Now she has a better understanding of herself and how having ADHD played a role in her obesity. The diagnosis has given Amymay clarity and closure on her life pre-surgery. She spoke to us about realising that the difficulties of sticking to a diet plan consistently was a symptom of her ADHD.

Taking it all in her stride, Amymay is proud to say she has ADHD, just like the weight loss surgery, it is part of what makes her, her! She takes time to help those who struggle with similar disorders to accept and “forgive themselves”. Having disorders such as ADHD doesn’t have to hold you back, it is something you are born with and accepting yourself for who you truly are, leads you on the correct path to self-love.

Becoming ‘Woman of the year’

All these reasons are just a small part of why Amy won our Healthier Weight ‘Woman of the Year’ Award. Her followers on Instagram and TikTok chose to nominate her as they believe she has been a true inspiration to people within the WLS community, helping people see their full potential in life. 

Her radiance and passion for helping others shines through as soon as you take the time to watch and listen to her content. Thank you Amymay for reinforcing the idea that with bariatric surgery, you can “live a full life, not just a half-life”.

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