From Nearly 20 Stone with a Binge Eating Disorder to Fitness Fanatic

Some people would spend this kind of money on a car, so why not spend it on my health?



Before Kerry’s magnificent weight loss and fitness journey began, she had many internal demons and sadly battled with a binge eating disorder. Kerry had six months of counselling, and it opened her eyes to improving her health, not just mentally but physically.

Being twenty stone and unhappy with herself, she realised she had to do something about her weight. Kerry previously tried every diet in the book, and she didn’t want to go through with the stop and start diets again. 

One day, a life-changing moment happened to the amazing Kerry, and she spoke to her friend whose husband was taking the weight loss surgery route. First, she thought, “no, I can’t afford that”. Then, Kerry took a moment, analysed the situation and thought, “some people would spend this kind of money on a car, so why not spend it on my health?” Kerry was on her way to her new life, and she was determined to improve herself internally and externally. 

Pick the Right Provider

Before deciding that Healthier Weight was the most reliable provider for Kerry, she shopped around and researched other companies. Finally, she made her decision and put her trust in Healthier Weight to give her the life she always deserved, and this was because she felt at ease. 

“Healthier Weight was the only provider that made her feel comfortable”.

Kerry felt that Healthier Weight was attentive and provided all the guidance she needed. Still to this day, Kerry will look back at old emails that she can refer back to for support. 

The Life-Changing Day

Kerry’s surgery day arrived, and something as life-changing as a weight-loss operation can be nerve-racking. But, Kerry felt quite the opposite; she felt calm, “everyone was like, don’t worry, I’ve got you”.  

Waking up from surgery, Kerry had a similar experience, and she wasn’t in any pain. She thought to herself, “have they done it?”. Kerry is the definition of a strong-minded woman and was determined to improve her health, and on the first day after surgery, she got up, put her mask on, and walked up and down the hospital corridors. 

Kerry didn’t let surgery hold her back from getting daily exercise and on her first day back home. She woke up and thought, I’m going to walk to the shop, and the next day she walked a bit further and the next day even further! Astonishingly by the end of the first week of Kerry having surgery, she walked 30 – 40 minutes a day. 

From Twenty Stone to a Fitness Fanatic

Daily exercise is an escape for Kerry. Life isn’t simple, the stresses from work, parent life and keeping a healthy balance can be hard work for many of us. Everyone deserves to have that one hour a day to release any anxieties or negative thoughts that stop us from being happy. 

“As a woman, it is important to not be always thinking; what shall I cook for dinner? Where do I go? Where are the kids? You just have that hour where you put your music on and get on with it!”

Being active makes Kerry feel optimistic about her life, and after walking every day in her first month after surgery, she thought, what can I do next? So she phoned Healthier Weight for support and advice, “they were lovely.” and they said to stick to walking, and at four weeks, you can do light cardio and if you feel any pain to stop immediately. Kerry continued to follow the advice given to her because her well-being is a high priority. 

When it came to six weeks after surgery, Kerry could finally do light weights, the moment she had been waiting for arrived. Fitness fanatic Kerry never felt any pain, just the positive endorphins making her feel like she was on top of the world. 

Presently, Kerry has built her gym in her shed, and she refers to it as her “beautiful gym, it’s my gym, it’s my sanctuary”. It is now a place of peace, turning a bad situation into a good one.  

“If you are really, really tired and you go in the gym and have a blast, you have more energy afterwards.”

Without a doubt, weight loss surgery has improved many aspects of her life. Her procedure led her to a love for herself, the fitness world and how to practice self-care. Kerry now sleeps better at night and feels happier, and for the first time, she now has muscle definition!

Weekly Workout Routine

Feeling healthier than ever before, Kerry now trains six times a week and is very different from her previous life. Before surgery, she attempted to do burpees, and she would be crying because she was in agony and felt like her whole body was jarring. Whenever she got up, she thought, “I’m going to die.” without a doubt, Kerry can easily do eight burpees now, and even her working life has ameliorated. 

Walking in her job is the main factor, and it was painful, “it used to feel like there were shards of glass in her back”. But, wondrously, Kerry now feels like she can walk as long as she likes without getting out of breath.                                                                                                                                               

The Power Hour

  • Before every workout session, Kerry will warm up with a 3km run, which takes about 30 minutes. 
  • One day a week, it will be upper body weights.
  • Then the next day, she will do lower body weights. 
  • The following day she will do core and back.
  • And then she attends a Muay Thai class twice a week!

Binge Eating Disorder

Throughout the day, Kerry used to consume food excessively, and if she felt depressed, she would sit and overindulge to make herself feel better. “six packets of crisps could easily go down”. Having counselling made her realise that you have to acknowledge your feelings because eating enormous amounts of food will only make you feel good short term. There has been a time before when Kerry has eaten four cakes in a row because she was angry and then checked the calories and then felt even worse. 

Being kind to yourself is very important because self-love means we can be strong and help ourselves through the dark days. But, unfortunately, the way Kerry used to speak to herself after she binged was dreadful and continuous. She was doing it every day, and it is heart-breaking because the negative self-talk would lead her to binge eat again, and it was a vicious cycle she couldn’t escape. 

Kerry believes that we all have “fat days” as women; you can look in the mirror and not feel good about yourself. But now, she will look in the mirror and be in control and say, “Stop, you’re not fat, you’re fabulous!”. It completely changes Kerry’s mood, and suddenly, she isn’t having a fat day anymore, and due to her advanced fitness ability, she will train and feel even better. 

Deep down, Kerry feels a part of herself will always live with a binge eating disorder, but it is about being in control, and the reason for having weight loss surgery is so she couldn’t binge anymore. There has been no going back from her surgery day, nothing but a positive momentum leading to her fantastic transformation. 

Eating Habits Now and Better Health

Weight loss surgery has almost definitely had a massive impact on controlling her portions sizes, unlike the old days. Still, to this day, she eats with a bariatric plate, and she thinks she will forever because it helps her be in control. 

Now that food is seen as fuel to live, and it isn’t the be-all or end-all anymore, her relationship with food is much healthier. before, Kerry used to panic at the thought of running out, but those days are long gone. Previously, she had a big family meal, and she cooked for everyone and just enjoyed the moment of being with loved ones. 

The goal isn’t calorie counting anymore, and it is all about consuming the proper nutrition, such as eating the right amount of protein. Now that Kerry has a healthy balance, she has noticed her hair has stopped falling out, and nails are getting stronger by the day.

Now that Kerry is health-conscious and looks after herself, life-changing miracles have happened. For example, Kerry was recently discharged from the heart clinic as she suffered from an incredibly fast heart rate and was taking medication. She also had sleep apnoea and slept with a mask on every night, but now is a free woman and was recently discharged. Though, sometimes she does get paranoid that it will come back even though she is smaller now. 

Formerly, Kerry was a heavy snorer and will still wake up every morning and ask her husband, “Did I snore last night?”. And he will reply “no” every time. Weight loss surgery has given Kerry the healthier life she always deserved, and she should be very proud of her commitment to her new life. 

Thinking About Weight Loss surgery?

Kerry feels exceptionally proud of her journey, even the down days because ultimately, she learnt a lesson. Success in your weight loss journey is to have a positive attitude. Try not to be scared or to overthink and always have something constructive you can turn to in your dark days, and in Kerry’s, it has been working out. 

“Food has been my crutch for 40 years, and when that goes, you have to have something else to turn to. So for me, it was exercise!”

Finances can be scary for many of us, but Kerry changed her thought process and saw it as getting a new car, and she decided to choose her health. It has now enabled Kerry to improve her mental and physical health to maintain a happier life, from making the first step to weight loss surgery. 


Enjoying the benefits after all that hard work is the best feeling in the world. Mentally changing your mindset and your diet is challenging but worth it. Kerry loves going shopping now. Before buying clothes was a living nightmare—finally enjoying wearing brighter colours instead of shying to black clothing all the time. She can now also purchase size 12 jeans and confidently walk into a shop and feel fabulous. 

For the first time in Kerry’s life, she put a crop top on with leggings and was full of confidence. Finally, to be the woman she had always wanted to be. From being overweight for most of her life and giving birth to two sets of twins to recently flaunting her new bikini body on holiday. “I had loose skin on my stomach, but I don’t care. They are my battle scars”. Kerry is now thriving in life, and nothing holds her back due to her positive and loving attitude. 

Kerry wouldn’t change one thing about her journey, even the mistakes, because she has learnt a lesson. She believes you get one shot of this, and you have to make it count, one year to improve your habits, and then you change it for life. 

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