The lowest BMI I've been since getting married 25 years ago

Before and after of gastric bypass patient Wendy
Small things really make a difference. I can reach down to my toes to paint my toenails now. When I go on planes I can put the table down now


Finding that you fit into the category of a failed gastric band can be disappointing, but the best thing you can do is contact an expert in bariatric revisional surgery. That is exactly what Wendy did!

After having a gastric band some years ago – Wendy decided the procedure had reached the end of it’s effectiveness, it was causing her pain and she was even starting to gain weight. She said she felt like a woman many years older than she was. Wendy had a young daughter and felt she was being a poor role model for her child.

The most she lost trying diet was between 2-3 stone, and weight in at between 18-19 stone she needed to make a more drastic decision. She contacted Healthier Weight after researching a number of companies and finding better success storied and recommendations which gave her the confidence to move ahead.

“After surgery my life changed completely, within a few days I was up and about and eating well, and since then my weight has fallen off. I can now go on planes and holiday without being embarrassed, when I walk down the street I am happy to see my reflection in the window.” 

“Most of all I can play with my daughter, I can run with her in the park, go swimming with her and have her friends over to play without feeling self conscious – I wish I had done this twenty years ago!”

July 2019

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