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A Gastric Band Cured My Bulimia - Tracy's letter

Tracy before

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

Procedure of choice         Gastric band

Starting weight                  13st 2lb

Current weight                   8st 11lb

Total weight loss                4st 5lb*


My story

We could not have wished for a better start to 2008. We really do try at Healthier Weight to give a good service and put in hours and hours of dedicated work. Sometimes we fall short of our own expectations but when we do get it right, it makes it all worthwhile.                   

Re:  Commendation for the staff at Healthier Weight 
Dear Dr Ashton
First and foremost I would like to personally thank you for taking my case when others have turned me away. I have struggled with my weight, had a history of eating disorders and binge eating since I was 16 and, by the age of 38, after years of constant internal battling, I finally feel like I have restored my body’s natural balance of satiety, have regained control over my food intake and in turn gained a tremendous sense of well being.  You have successfully assisted me in achieving a dream that has eluded me for more than two decades.
My experiences of Healthier Weight, your service, staff, personal and general approach have all been superb and I would not hesitate to recommend you.  In fact I am a very vocal spokesperson, marketing and promoting the advantages of your processes.  Perhaps you should introduce a recommendation reward system, but in fairness, if I can spread the happiness I now feel to people I love and care about, it is in itself reward enough.
There are a number of members of staff I would particularly like to single out as having majorly contributed to the extremely positive experiences I have had with your company.  Judy was my first port of call and she has been a consistent, enthusiastic advocate and general ray of sunshine throughout.  Not only was she one of the main contributors in persuading me to actually have weight loss surgery, she unwaveringly reassured me of its success, allayed any fears and yet remained impartial and not “pushy” as to when or where I should have it done.  She is a bright, bubbly, friendly voice at the end of the phone, ever helpful and professional in her manner, but reassuringly down to earth and informal thus always putting you at ease.  Just the right balance and a true walking inspiration as to what lapband surgery can do.

My next exposure to your staff and colleagues was just as positive.  In September 2007 the staff in the Manchester hospital were attentive, thoughtful and informative.  Wendy and Julie were particularly professional going out of their way to reassure me and my partner, waylaying any fears either of us had and just sporting an air of confidence that was in itself calming.

Every subsequent meeting has been encouraging.  Support group sessions with Colleen have been not only interesting, but also useful.  Networking with fellow “lap banders” has helped tremendously to spur me on the extra mile (literally when it comes to using my pedometer!) and your staff generally just seem to go above and beyond the call of duty. Their enthusiasm reflects their conviction, their effort and dedication is a credit to you and them and I think you have a superb asset in the staff you employ.

I just wanted to take this opportunity (and not just because it is Christmas) to extend my thanks and hand out praise where praise is due. Too often people take the trouble to complain and I just wanted to put the effort into writing a dedication to you and your staff that befits the level of service you provide*.

Kind regards


December 2007 

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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