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Carol's gastric bypass story - Part 2 - After surgery

Gastric bypass success story - Carol after surgery
Gastric bypass success story - Carol before surgery

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

Procedure of choice         Gastric bypass

Starting weight                  26st 6lb

Current weight                   13st 6lb

Total weight loss                13st 0lb*

Trigger for weight loss      Realising I needed more than a diet

My story

Do I regret it? Not at all! Unfortunately, after the gastric bypass operation, I became really ill for a few months with D&V and an infection, and only once in these few months did I regret having this operation. The infection and illness were not connected to the operation at all, but at the time it was easy to blame it ! Since then I have never looked back, the pictures here speak for themselves:

This picture of me was taken in September 2008, 8 months after my surgery – at this point I had lost around 8 stones, but now I’m up to 10 ½ stones. I have lost a whole person from inside of me literally!!*

Do I miss the foods I used to enjoy so much? I had terrible cravings in the beginning for a bacon and mushroom buttie, something that I have always enjoyed on my day off once or twice a week. I did try to eat it once and boy, did it come back up quicker than it went down. I cannot tell you the last time I had or craved for one, now I don’t miss them at all.

What is life like now? I still go out for meals quite regularly, and yes, I leave ¾ of the meal but I do really enjoy what I have. In general I eat whatever I want; much of it is a soft diet as sometimes I can struggle with hard meat (beef, steak, pork etc) – I’m OK with chicken and fish though!

What about alcohol? I am now a very cheap date!! I can get quite merry on 2 glasses of wine and drunk on 3, although I am not a drinker generally and some months don’t have any alcohol at all

What do others think? I was very secretive about my operation, and only told 4 people prior to my admission. I told my children 5 months after the op (my son didn’t realise I’d lost weight, but lads don’t do they!) – I had probably lost about 5 stones at this point. My daughter hadn’t seen me as she lives abroad - I didn’t tell her till I went out to see her 5 months after my op and she could not believe how much I had changed. I am still secretive and under 20 people know the real reason for my weight loss

And my size? Well, I’ve gone down from a size 32/34 plus to a size 16/18, and now my rings have gone down 3 ½ sizes as well - I have had them made smaller twice. As well as having lost over 10stone, another strange thing is that I have lost a shoe size - I used to be a size 9-10 in shoes and am now a size 8! My weight loss has slowed right down now, and I don’t lose a lot each week, probably ¼ - ½ lb per week now and I am very happy with this.*

So, yes - this does change your life and you need to go into this operation with your eyes very wide open and with a lot of information at your finger tips. It’s not a quick fix and you have to put in the work to get the result, but for me it worked where nothing else did! I learnt a lot about myself through this - what I could eat (and what I certainly couldn’t eat) along the way, what helped what didn’t.

I think one of the main things if you are thinking about the gastric bypass or have had it is to talk to someone who has already been through it - warts and all and - is willing to help and support other folks who were struggling or just needed some support along the way. I’m in regular contact with a group of such people, and it helps me on my way as well!


April 2009

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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