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Healthier Weight came to the rescue for my gastric band*

Juliet telling her gastric band aftercare success story

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

Procedure of choice         Gastric band

Starting weight                  18st 0lb

Current weight                  11st 4lb

Total weight loss                6st 10lb*

Trigger for weight loss      Desperation

My story

Juliet Hill was researching slimming pills on the internet when she found information about gastric band surgery. “I was 36 years old and desperate” said Juliet, “as I weighed over 18 stones and wore size 26 clothes. 

Juliet went abroad for surgery and had a gastric band fitted in 2006, along with her daughter Katie who was just 14 at the time. Both Juliet and Katie lost considerable weight but came to Healthier Weight in 2011 as they were experiencing major problems. Some clinics routinely over tighten the band, perhaps due to commercial pressures or occasionally at the patient’s request. This can cause short term vomiting and nausea which is uncomfortable but the bigger problem is pouch dilatation (a stretched pouch above the band), a consequence of which maybe that revisional surgery is required, at the patient’s expense, to remove the band. 

Neither Juliet nor Katie had any idea of how they should have adapted their eating to cope with a gastric band. X-ray examination showed both to have over tight bands and huge gastric pouches. Dr Ashton says “This is the most common problem we see and the consequences can be both painful and expensive. It is best practice with a gastric band to adjust it slowly over several months to achieve the right fill volume based on the patient’s individual needs (not too little or too much). When your surgery provider is based abroad or holds too few adjustment clinics there is a temptation to over fill the band. The patient then can’t eat normal foods and begins what we call maladaptive eating. This can either take the form of eating soft foods only- mashed potato, sponge cakes, creamy foods that will slip down easily or as in Katie’s case, vomiting food back up.” Juliet had regained a lot of weight from making poor food choices and Katie was damaging her teeth and throat from the acidity of her stomach’s contents.

“Healthier Weight came to the rescue in the nick of time*” says Juliet. We had to have our bands completely emptied and Dr Ashton made us wait six weeks before we could begin the gradual process of refilling the band.  Over the past eight months we have attended clinic every fortnight and learned how we should be eating. We’ve been given booklets with information on what to eat and we’ve been shown how to use a timer to help us slow down our eating. Above all, we’ve been given encouragement and support. I have been so impressed that my younger daughter Charlotte has had a gastric band with Healthier Weight and I’ve also recommended a friend.”

“I’m feeling the best ever*” says Juliet. “I don’t feel a failure with all the gone-wrong diets. The band takes my hunger away and once the hunger has gone I’m fine*. I’ve lost 8 ½ stones* and I can really feel the band working.  Every day I feel more confident and you can’t put a price on that*.”

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.