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Meet Clive - interview

Clive and Angela at our Model Search photo shoot

19 May 2017

We talk to Clive, husband of our gastric sleeve success story Angela, about his role in supporting Angela through her weight loss.

What were your initial thoughts when Angela told you she wanted weight loss surgery?

I thought it was great. Together we’d discussed it and she’d tried all sorts of ways to lose weight over the years and the doctors wouldn’t help us so I was backing her all the way.

Were you always supportive of Angela’s decision to get surgery?

Oh definitely. Because, like I said, she had tried everything. Every diet under the sun she’d tried and without success. At first she felt a bit bad in herself that she had to go for surgery and that she couldn’t do it on her own but I supported her and it was definitely the right thing to do.

Clive and Angela before weight loss

Why did you choose Healthier Weight?

I left the shopping to Angela, she saw Healthier Weight and was very impressed.

Aside from physically, have you noticed that Angela has changed since her surgery?

Her confidence. She finally has confidence that she’s losing the weight and it’s staying off. Angela will be the first one to tell you that the physical side was done with the surgery but the mental side was done by changing her eating habits. She’s always been an outgoing person but she’s found this new confidence. We love going out now! We’ve joined a local club and we do a lot more as a couple. When I first met Angela she used to love dancing, but as the weight piled on that seemed to diminish. I’m pleased to say that’s come back now – I’m 8 years older than Angela and I’m pretty fit, but I have to say she can really dance now! 

How did you find the process before surgery?

I went to the consult with her up in Cardiff and it took around 5 weeks for the whole process – it was all done by Christmas! We were really impressed with the Spire hospital in Manchester, can’t speak highly enough of them. The surgeon came round prior to the operation which was wonderful, I can’t fault it! 

Have you noticed your eating has changed at all since Angela’s surgery?

I definitely have! She’s been very strict, getting rid of things like bread. I love my bread but Angela’s lifestyle change has helped me cut down. We eat more fresh food now and we’re always going out for walks together for exercise. It’s improving my way of life as well because I’m diabetic, so I’m heading in the right direction. 

What has been the hardest part of the process for you?

The hardest part would be the disappointment in the NHS that they wouldn’t consider Angela for surgery so we had to go privately. Saying that, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We can’t speak highly enough of Healthier Weight.

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