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Fed up of over-sized clothes

Gastric band stories - Tracy after surgery
Gastric band stories - Tracy before surgery

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

Procedure of choice         Gastric band

Starting weight                  18st 0lb

Current weight                   13st 2lb

Total weight loss                5st 0lb*

Trigger for weight loss      Clothes no longer fitting me

My story

Many women find themselves stood in front of their wardrobes from time to time, fretting that they have "nothing to wear". Well I found myself in this situation on Christmas Day 2007 but I had nothing to wear because nothing fit any more. I was gradually getting bigger and at a size 28 and 18 stones, I was fed up of hunting for decent clothes in over-sized clothes shops.

Mine is the usual story - I had tried it all over the years to lose weight and although I had some success on diets and with slimming clubs, I always put the weight back on - usually with a little bit more!

So on Boxing Day I decided to look for a solution and came across Healthier Weight on the internet. I booked an appointment and my Mom, Dad and son accompanied me to the consultation with Dr Ashton. He went through everything about the gastric band with us and I just knew it was the answer for me*.

I wanted to go ahead as soon as possible and they managed to fit me in at short notice. I was on holiday with my son in Disneyland, Paris when I found out I would be having surgery the next day. That was great, I had no time to think about it and I can honestly say I wasn't nervous at all, just excited.  

I had no pain at all after the operation and was really pleased to see how quickly the weight started to come off*. I have now lost 9 and a half stones and feel fantastic*. I have a real love of life again and can do simple things that seem impossible when you are overweight*.

Now at a size 10, I can walk into any high street shop and buy fashionable, designer clothes off the peg - no more drab over-sized clothes for me*!

Whenever I went on holiday, I used to fly club class to guarantee a larger seat and avoid the embarrassment of asking for a belt extension. Now simply fitting into a normal aeroplane seat and being able to put the tray down is a real joy*!

My family are thrilled with my weight loss and my son is pleased that he doesn't have to go on theme park rides alone, or with a stranger any more. I can now fit on and join him*!

My gastric band surgery has given me back my life. I am so much more confident and full of life again*.

Tracy (June 2010)

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.