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18 months on and I've never been happier

Natalie after
Natalie before

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

Procedure of choice        Gastric band

Starting weight                 17 st 9 lbs

Current weight                 14 st 5 lbs

Total weight loss               3 st 4 lbs

Trigger for weight loss      Lack of self confidence

My story

I have always had a weight problem. Since I was a young girl, my weight would go up and I'd diet, then it would come down and I’d be happy, but before too long I’d be eating badly again and up it would go, only each time I would put on more and more. Over the years I tried every diet: Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet, Atkins Diet, Dukan diet, 5:2 Diet, GI diet. I’ve had bloods taken and my diet adjusted to suit my blood, I’ve starved myself and lived on water and shakes for months at a time all to get that result of being slim.

In 2004, it became a really miserable issue that dominated my life, I would constantly be thinking about my weight and worrying about what I looked like and what I would eat. After dieting with Lighter Life and my weight going up and down through my pregnancy, by 2008 my marriage had broken down and I was now a single mum in a not very happy place. By Christmas 2013 I was weighing in at 17st 9lb, the heaviest I’d ever been. I was so unhappy and miserable and hated looking at pictures of myself or trying to find clothes to wear, everything was tight and I was now a size 22, with elastic waist bands on my trousers and skirts.  

I had always watched weight loss Tv programmes and decided I’d do some research on a gastric balloon. I did a google search and up came Healthier Weight – I booked an appointment in the December. At the consultation, for the first time, I was so brutally honest about me and my ongoing long suffering weight issues and ended up opting for the Gastric Band. He showed me the band and told me and my husband how it would work, I was ready to sign up there and then, and at last felt this could be my lifeline to weight control.

The staff looking after me at the hospital were amazing, I had a lovely room and fantastic care. Professor Favretti came to see me beforehand and was so reassuring and kind, I felt at complete ease and safe in his hands. At my first check up just over a month post-op, I weighed in at 16st 7lbs. This was incredible and I could already feel the amazing difference in myself, and I was allowed back on the spin bike.  

I stuck with the eating regime and my exercise programme and by the time October came and my first holiday since the band I was weighing in at 14st 5lb and felt amazing. I could wear shorts and vest tops and I felt so good about myself. I had an amazing holiday and I loved every picture. By December I was still maintaining 14st 5lbs and Christmas was no longer a worry. I was comfortably wearing size 14 clothes and it was so nice to go to the black tie Christmas dinners in beautiful fitted dresses, without feeling ugly.

It's now 18 months since my band and I've never been happier, my weight has stabilised and although during the month it fluctuates 6lb or so, on a whole it stays the same. The feeling of being able to wear clothes I like and feel comfortable in is worth every penny I have spent on my band, I am happier, more confident and for the first time in my life the thought of weight does not dominate my mind all the time. I enjoy eating what I like now but eating a little of it as opposed to over eating. In August this year, I cycled Ride London 46, I cycled the 46 miles in 2hrs 48mins which is an incredible time for me and shows that my weight ratio is paying off.

I still have moments of doubt from time to time where I think ‘oh no I’m going to get fat again’, but then I remember that with my band as my best friend I can keep that thought at bay. Thank you Healthier Weight.


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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.