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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery
You’ve had just about enough, you’ve tried all the diets out there, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Slimfast and many more but dieting hasn’t worked for you. We've helped people who've been struggling for years to take back control and achieve their weight loss goals.

Many of our successful patients say to us ‘I wish I’d done it years ago’. They discovered that they can lose the weight and they can keep it off.

Weight loss surgery can help you to lose a significant amount of weight but it isn’t just about losing additional pounds, it’s about an increase in confidence, a change in attitude to food, a more active you. Patients tell us their lives have been transformed; they become fitter, more active and even belly dance! The stories we hear and the changes we see are impressive. Why not read more about our Model Search winner, Hali.

Gastric sleeve

Are you looking for weight loss surgery?

There is no rule to whether you’re ready for the next step in your weight loss journey, but you might find yourself agreeing to a few of these:

  • You've tried lots of diets and they've never worked or lasted
  • You've increased in weight and size over the years and it's a battle to lose weight at all
  • You're BMI is over 30 (check your BMI below)
  • Your self-esteem isn't what it once was.
  • You prefer not to go out as you feel people are looking at you
  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food
  • You eat because you feel sad, and you feel sad because you eat.


It might be the right time to consider weight loss surgery if the above points related to you strongly. We offer a no pressure service to talk you through your needs and offer advice. We only offer surgery to patients who need it. We also want to ensure that you are ready for weight loss surgery. If you’re not sure then  read this article to find out if you’re ready. 


In just 3 simple steps

Find out which weight loss procedure is right for you

What weight loss surgery is best for me?

The type of weight loss surgery you need often depends on your needs and your BMI. Follow the steps below to help you understand what surgery is best for you. We also have Patient Care Co-ordinators available to guide you and fully understand how Healthier Weight can help, call us on  0800 313 4618 .

STEP 1 - Check your BMI

Use this calculator to understand if you BMI is higher than normal.

STEP 2 - What surgery is recommended for you?

Using the BMI results you were given in STEP 1, take a look at which surgery is best suited to you. The information below is a good guide to help you understand what weight loss surgery options there are.


A gastric band - the safest weight loss procedure

BMI 30+

A highly effective treatment for weight loss and the first choice for most people, with over 20 years of proven results*.

The gastric band is a hollow ring which is placed around the upper part of the stomach creating a new small “pouch” above the band, leaving the larger part of stomach below. This pouch can only hold a small amount of food so you feel full quicker and as it slows down the passage of food, you stay feeling full for longer, reducing feelings of hunger.

% Excess Weight: 50-60%
Mechanism of weight loss:Mainly restrictive
Average length of procedure: 45 minutes
Type of procedure: Laparoscopic (keyhole)
Average length of stay in hospital: 1 night
Recovery time: 7-10 days
Adjustability: Fully adjustable
Reversibility: Fully reversible
Follow up requirements: Band adjustments are required until restriction is optimal
Long-term re-operation rate: 5-10%
Complication rate: Up to 5%
Mortality rate: 0-0.1%

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A gastric bypass - safe and very effective

BMI 40+

Dividing the stomach and the bowel have an impact on appetite regulating gut hormones and combines restriction and hormonal effects to deliver long term weight loss*.

% Excess Weight: 60-75%
Mechanism of weight loss:Combination of restriction (70%) with hormonal changes (30%) in gut hormones, especially grehlin
Average length of procedure: 1.5 - 2 hours
Type of procedure: Laparoscopic (keyhole)
Average length of stay in hospital: 2 nights
Recovery time: 2-3 weeks
Adjustability: No adjustment possible
Reversibility: Effectively irreversible
Follow up requirements: Lifelong daily vitamin and mineral supplementation and regular blood tests
Long-term re-operation rate: 5%
Complication rate: 5-10%
Mortality rate: 0.1%

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Gastric sleeve surgery

BMI 35+

Gaining in popularity as an alternative to the gastric band and gastric bypass.

It involves removing 80% of the stomach to leave a thin 'sleeve' which restricts the amount you can eat. It's a good alternative to other procedures as it requires no adjustments (unlike a band).

Non-surgical sleeve (ESG)

No cutting, no scarring and no wounds.

The non-surgical sleeve involves stapling the stomach top to bottom from the inside, reducing its capacity by 80% and leaving a banana shaped 'sleeve', performed endoscopically (via the mouth) so unlike surgery, there is no cutting, no scarring and no wounds.

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Spread the cost over 4 years. Interest Free Option

Our patients lose weight more quickly and experience fewer post operative complications thanks to a package that includes the following:

  • Up to 5 year warranty to cover costs of corrective surgery if you have a complication

  • 2 year unlimited adjustments and support to help you reach your weight loss goal

  • Expert bariatric surgeons with experience of 1000s of gastric band procedures

  • Band specialist team with the expertise and experience to help you get the best results

  • Finance up to the full cost of your procedure (less a deposit) including interest free payments

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STEP 3 - Speak to us

If you would like more information or have any questions, speak to the weight loss specialists. Complete the contact form and one of our care coordinators will call you back at a time to suit you, or call them now on 0800 313 4618.

Lisa after her gastric band

"I'm now doing a course that I love, studying from home. Now I have the confidence to achieve my dream career"

Lisa wears size 10 clothing again after a gastric band procedure with Healthier Weight*.

Gastric band success story - Helen's after photo
"I still get a surprise when I catch sight of myself in a mirror, or window, and see a slim person looking back at me."


Helen lost 5 stones in 15 months with a band, and has maintained her weight since 2009*.

Gastric band review - Frank afterwards

"I have got back to my normal self again. I can sit down comfortably and can buy clothes off the peg again."

Father of 3 Frank lost 11 stones and now enjoys a more active and healthier lifestyle*.

Gastric band stories - Victoria after surgery

"My confidence is back and I have so many more options now. I can have children, which was just a dream before"

After losing 14 stones and relieving symptoms of PCOS, Victoria can now start a family*.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.