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Why choose Healthier Weight?

Why choose Healthier Weight?

We are dedicated to weight loss

We invest 100% of our time into weight loss surgeries. We don’t perform bariatric surgery as part of a range of treatments, it is entirely what we do. It’s why we only use GMC registered surgeons who specialise in bariatric surgery. It’s why our medical team are permanent employees, no temp or agency staff. It’s why we work alongside the best people in the industry; to ensure we deliver nothing but the best.

We work with pioneers 

We are proud to work with one of the most experienced obesity surgeons in the world. Franco Favretti was not just one of the first surgeons to implant the first Lap-Band, he also defined the surgical technique used for band implantation. This technique is now used by most surgeons throughout the world.

Franco Favretti was also the first person in the world to perform single incision band surgery (SILS) in 2009, by placing the device through the belly button (umbilicus). This is now the “gold standard” in gastric banding as the scarring is significantly reduced.

We are innovators

Healthier Weight performed the UK’s first ESG (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty) procedure in 2016. We were the first to try the ReShape balloon in the UK as well as the LINX anti-reflux device. We strive to remain the innovator in our industry, to offer the latest procedures and bring the best results to all our patients.

We take aftercare very seriously

Surgery is the beginning of your weight loss transformation, an investment into a healthier you. But without additional advice and support, it can be more difficult for patients to succeed. We offer aftercare based on the surgery our patients have so that we can deliver the right support from the moment you book in your surgery. Our bariatric nursing team work closely with patients to support them and offer an ‘open door’ policy for life. We also offer dietary support to help our patients make their transition as smooth as possible.

We provide protection

Since Healthier Weight was formed in 2006, many companies have gone out of business leaving their patients without cover. We offer all our patients a surgical warranty package to give them peace of mind. Should our patients require surgery due to a complication they are covered no matter what happens to us. We are the only provider in the UK to offer such insolvency cover.

Success Stories

Helen Gastric Band

Gastric band success

Name: Helen
Weight before: 17st 0lb
Weight now: 12st 0lb
Weight lost: 5st

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Andrea Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass success

Name: Andrea
Weight before: 21st 0lb
Weight now: 10st 3lb
Weight lost: 10st 11lb

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Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve success

Name: Hali
Weight before: 23st 7lb
Weight now: 12st 7lb
Weight lost: 11st

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Gastric balloon

Gastric balloon success

Name: Danielle
Weight before: 13st 3lb
Weight now: 10st 4.5lb
Weight lost: 2st 12.5lb

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When you are purchasing health services, such as a weight loss procedure, it is the same as any other service you buy, you generally get what you pay for. As we are talking about surgery that requires a commitment to long term aftercare, it is vital to find out what is and what is not included when comparing providers. You should also view low prices with extreme suspicion. 

Our premium services 

At Healthier Weight, we deliver high quality services and great value for money. We would say that wouldn’t we (you might be thinking), so we thought it would be helpful to list some of the things you get when you choose Healthier Weight that you may not get with other providers. You’ll see from the weight loss forums and from our Trust Pilot ratings that our services are premium. 


Professional registrations

Professional Registrations

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). FCA registration is a legal requirement for offering regulated finance plans that many providers ignore. The FCA also demands a very high standard of regulation from its approved providers. Our registered numbers are:    

Care Quality Commission: RGP1-2312060632
Financial Conduct Authority: 733775

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance

We maintain our own medical malpractice insurance and we ensure that our operating surgeons have their own medical malpractice insurance. 

Many will not have their own medical malpractice insurance which poses a risk to their patients in the event of a medical negligence claim.  

Surgical Warranty Scheme

Surgical Warranty Scheme

We were the first provider to introduce a gastric band warranty scheme which protects patients in the event of a recognised band complication. Since launching the scheme in 2013, we have never taken more than 14 day from diagnosis to confirm cover and we have never declined or delayed a legitimate claim. It is a no quibble warranty. We hear about other providers who have not always honoured their claim to offer warranty protection.

Trustpilot reviews

Impartial Trustpilot Reviews

We've partnered with independent review company Trustpilot to collect unbiased reviews from patients who have used our service.

For prospective patients it's comforting to read about first-hand experiences with a company before making a commitment and we're proud of our 8.9/10 rating with Trustpilot.

Read our reviews here

Good practice guidelines

Good practice guidelines

The British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) provide guidelines for the NHS and private weight loss surgery providers and we observe and follow those guidelines. Our multi-disciplinary team meets weekly to review cases pre-operatively. We also have a Bariatric (weight loss surgery) Advisory Board to ensure that our practices and processes remain in line with good practice and recognise the latest published data.

Clinical, medical and corporate governance

Corporate, clinical and medical governance

Healthier Weight is a professionally run organisation with governance structures that provide protection for patients, for staff and for our investors. We have monthly Board meetings and regular clinical governance meetings at which our patients outcomes are reviewed in detail. This is part of a continuous improvement programme we are committed to.

Financial strength

Financial strength and stability

Healthier Weight has never been placed into administration unlike many weight loss and cosmetic surgery providers. It is an important factor as if a company goes into administration it leaves its responsibilities to past patients and suppliers in the old company, and starts afresh. If your provider goes into administration their responsibilities, for example a warranty they may have provided to you, under your contract are no longer enforceable.

Published data

Published Data and Results

We publish our data unlike other private providers. It means that you can be confident about the results we achieve as they are independently reviewed and scrutinised. It should give peace of mind for new patients.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.